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Caution, New Unknown Music Site!

pushpowerpromo.com, (Push Power Promo- Indie Music Promotion), exists 4 years. Yet same problem. No One knows, who is behind that outfit. Same characteristics as,Deka Records, DemoExxpress. RLContacts and DemoProcessing. They play low key and expects membership, yet, no one will find out, who those guys are. Caution is adviced, sign up as membership, but do not spend any money on it, is my advice!

Don't be ripped off!

Read all info at: http://unsigned.com/aquablauw

Warning: Rip off!

Do not submit any demos to demoprocessing.com, they are a rip off Boiler room, they rip me off my $25, pretending they are major label!

Search of Aquablauw/Harry Broker

aquablauw and/or Harry Broker can be found on major search engines, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and more. With my worldwide fans, I could not ever thought to have that much influence with my music and arts modeling. My sincere thanks, to you all!, for such a great support. http://facebook.com/aquablauw

Our Sincere Thanks!

Music is a great communication, as Google search, under the name aquablauw, has been seen all over the world! My sincere thanks of many fans keeping a hold on my musical career, thank you very much!