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im just say-in

i wonder why I do it its more than just the fun ist a feeling that im singing putting in the atmosphere it matters more that the words roll out just as crisp & clear as the feeling rolled in .... its got to sound just like just like it feels it makes it taste better. u know that pasty taste in your mouth , that smell in the air when you body and brain take in all the color of the melody as well as the toe tapping rhythm you can almost see the singer singing if its that good to you u can see yourself singing the best parts so give them what they want "Geeda Ju'Von" You got to "BELIEVE" I "BLIEVE"

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Check out music from Geeda Ju'von! im about tout out an "ALBULM" it will not be on any of my pages call 7184737417 or geedamusic@gmail.com for it thanks I'v been searching in side me for all this time for this selection of songs and now!!!!! I'm coming out with the end result...... ME GEEDA JU'VON.... LOOK FOR smash hit "All Im Say-in" #1 & "New Love"#3. i my self say its ready so come with me im "Rocking @ the Speed Of lite" (Bonus Track number #13 ) and number 7 the best thing i ever did im my eye's so sing along with me as we "Enjoy Music again"#11 is high


i wonder how do i get pp to hear my songs i work so hard on them and now i want to share with you all

Ju'von's Neo-Street music

as i look at the 2013 grammy's i wonder why do i have so many pp that love my music and so many pp have come looking for my cd's and im still not herd only in new york &v.a. such is life one day my music will reach you and i believe will love it check me out