Fall Of The Four Album Released!

Yes its finally here, 6 months worth of writing, recording and mixing all condensed into a 40 minute nutshell (43 minutes if you buy the album online) the reason for that is because there is a special bonus track at the end of "The Fall" about a minute of silence and then it will start playing, its nothing like what is on the album, infact we have gone back to our NINJITSU roots for that track!!.....At this point I dont know wether thats a good thing or a bad thing, but im sure some of you will be very happy to here that! :/ but we think its a 100% improvement on Ninjitsu anyway.... and its funnier :D

So the album is out today 27th May 2013, we would love to know your thoughts, comments, feelings, favorite track, least favorite track, just so we can get a feel for the next bunch of songs we will be writing, it will at least be this time next year till you hear a 3rd album from us, but I can tell you now, its called "Trilogy" :p which we have already started work on, its going to be very big, and brash! to say the least.

We have allot of people to thank for helping us with this album, Preston College, for providing us with the studio to record the drums "Real drums on this album BTW" no more EZ Drummer, some of you will know what we mean by that. Conor Wilkinson for teching the drum sessions for us (pressing record) all that jazz, awesome job dude!! they sound ace, Ian Sharples for recovering some lost data for us on one of our hard drives, sad times, but ian took some of the stress off the situation and managed to save some important files for us! Thanks Ian....ALLOT! all the reviewers! OMG HERE WE GO.... to name but a few (All will get a full credit later) Phoenix Rising, Metal Messiah, Let The Music Do The Talking, I review Rock, MayFair Mall, Spin...loads loads more.

Producer Update

So The album is now close to completion and what a roller coster its been to get it to this stage, from start to finish its running time is just shy of 40 minutes long, however if you let the last track run a little after the last song, you may just get a little surprise.... At this stage I'm saying nothing, but you will like it, guaranteed.

We have no shame in saying our previous releases have been made on a shoe string budget, this album is no exception, we do everything ourselves in our own time on our own terms, and it really works. We are proud to say this album was recorded with (Real) drums and actual guitar cabs haha! we had not been able to afford the luxury of these facilities until now....but we had not earned enough XP, and now our stats have reached over 600, we have been able to unlock some cool shit from the preverbal inventory. So to speak. You get ma drift? But back to the point, If you are considering purchasing our new album "Fall Of The Four" Out on May 27th, ((9 days Fuck Yeah!)) we dont think you will be disappointed....AT ALL :) We hope to break some hearts and crush some souls \m/

Subject Seven Producer Blog (12/04/13)

We are massively excited to kick off 2013 with our brand new album "Fall Of The Four" which has already had some air play across the UK on some very select metal radio stations :) And our new single "Heart Of Osiris" is now up and streaming on Youtube, with a free download link of course, you may of seen us plugging that allot recently, just one of the 10 studio songs we will be releasing on May 29th under our label Mycho Productions :) Its been a long hard struggle for us to get to where we are now, we have traveled up and down the UK sometimes playing to little or no people (Sometimes bar staff) to be finally excepted onto some of the more noted festivals this year, which we never before thought possible, we was offered "Out Of The Ashes" and "The Rock & Metal Circus" which are both amazing opportunities and our support and thanks go out to the organizers of those events in unmeasurable amounts! We have almost finished Recording and producing our brand new album "Fall Of The Four" (Out May 29th BTW) and its some of the best music we have ever pumped out of the preverbal anus. It show cases the band performing a variety musical metal, hopefully expanding the horizons of the metal genre while were at it, we feel its definitely worth a moment of your time :)

My personal favorite track as it stands is "Diablo" which showcases the bands more sinister side, its dark, grooving and relentless! Again we have managed to record and produce this by ourselves, nothing short of 110% of our time has been given and we hope you like it....as its rather different to Seven Rising (If youv heard it) go download it, its free!! As is all of our stuff because music is for everyone right? no one owns it not even us! lol and everyone has the right to it! HOWEVER, if your wanting something a little more then a free download then we can have something "A little more" which you will be able to purchase from our website on (May 29th) what could it be you ask??? well....put it this way, its better then a CD... Much better. well we think its cool, we shall see ay?

Once again Our singer MJ Dixon has done an amazing job of our new video for "Heart Of Osiris" Website, Promo, Photos, You name it, he does it. Except music producing, thats my job :P and special thanks to "Rosie Hodgson" for being the mysterious girl gazing into the orb, she's very cool.

More Updates to follow!

Much Love - Paul

Progress Update - Subject 7 News

Subject Seven Update (SUPDATE) …..no that doesn’t work. ANYWAY.

Just thought for those of you who give a damn, we will now be posting regular blog updates here on Reverb Nation, we will be talking about what were up to, album progress wize, probably rant abit? Ya’know, typical face book jargon so we don’t stick too much, and most likely sneak previews will be given!, so for you blog readers, your gona be more privileged than most ☺

First off, thank you to our fans and followers. We will be honest, we don’t have many (DIE HARD) fans but those who do come support us have done religiously and have believed in us, most of the time more than we believe in ourselves and it keeps us chugging along, and musically…. Thank you guys.

You may or may not of heard we are playing SOS Festival 2013! (Date TBA) And also supporting Absolva! On 27th October, With members of Fury UK! We are completely stoked that we have been chosen to play these very prestigious concerts and im sure it will be an experience and a half for everyone!

THE ALBUM, its all been written. Musically. To some extent, Mike has yet to finish off vocals to a few of the songs, and some of them are a little vague at the moment but were at the point where were listening to them in the car! That’s a big step, I think. I love the car as a reference, not particularly great sound, but in terms of knowing your speakers, it’s a good place for you to reference your mixes.

And here are some (working titles) we have for some of the songs for album 2!.

Diablo To Deth We Ride. One For Me. Celestion Ashes Heart Of Osiris The Iblis Trigger Wasted Days

All will be explained in good time.

None of them are set in stone yet, and there’s a few more that I can’t mention ;) but were hopping for at least 10 songs. We did actually sound check with one of these not too long ago at the assembly (Preston) couple of lucky people may have been there. Maybe not that lucky, they probably didn’t know who we were anyway.

You can expect new videos from here on in and a re-mastered version of Search The Dark (with a mystery guest vocal) who could it be? Even we don’t know.

For you blog readers you can probably expect some sneak previews in the next few weeks (If you watch this space) and ill be blogging about how we went about recording this album along with all the crap that comes with it! Have a nice day guys!

Subject 7. \m/

Gig review The Regency Bar Harrogate 07/04/2012

Hey guys, Regular blog reviews of all our gigs will be now posted here on Reverb! Last night was amazing to say the least, Fantastic atmosphere as always in Harrogate, we have played the Regency bar now close to 5 times, each time has been an amazing experience for us and everyone else, All of which could not be possible without the charm and drive of a very special friend of ours, Ceri Wilkins!, any events we do at the regency are usually for charity, except for the odd birthday party the regency is probably THE venue to be at when it comes to awesome charity based events, and the gigs are simply phenomenal.

We did headline the bill this time but the band before us named PseudoNympho, a rocking grungey 5 piece from Leeds as described on there page! and its very true. A very lively and tite band that boasts a true stage presence and a very distinctive alternative style.

The theme of the night was super heros and villains, so it wasn't to my suprise the effort that people went to, to be THE BEST DRESSED! we saw people dressed up from poison Ivy to mr muscle and a crayola crayon! lol

The subject 7 lads were dressed as. Gambit, Spider man, zombie dudes and (URBAN Hannibal hector) as dreamed up by Sam which was. Unique!!

Overall, we love this gig, and we love harrogate and its one of our favourite all time places to play and chill out with some really cool mates.

Thanks again to Ceri for making all the harrogate gigs a one of a kind experience for all the guys at Subject 7 \m/

Producer Update

Hey guys Paul again! dont know if anyone reads these but hey there might be 1% that do so thats good enough for me! Subject 7 have now finished Seven Rising, Its official. were done, and its due for release by the end of March, as is the new No Fate video! If all goes to plan they should be well on track!

We are doing a release party in Preston for the album, I think its going to be the Ropa hall gig? 23rd of March springs to mind but dont take my word as gospel just yet!

For the release we will be playing Seven Rising (Start To Finish) live. so those who are thinking of bagging a copy will know exactly what there getting, ITS THE BEST WAY! You might even hear a couple of our earlier numbers but this is all still in discussion!

Thats all I got to say really, other than as of NOW we are pod farm free! No more emulated guitar tones haha! Mesa and Orange all the way, no short cuts!


Recording Subject 7

Hey guys another blog for you!

Hey guys last time I posted we was still in the writing proccess of our new short album/ EP but now im safe to say were pretty much done except for one song that needs finalising but im sure we will get to that.

The band starts its recording of Seven Rising this sunday in the studio AKA my house lol, Like iv mentioned in other posts we do everything in house so were not getting any outside help for recording, music videos, art work promotion is all done by the 5 of us and up to now were not doing to bad!

This is how im hoping todo this! Im using a macbook running logic Studio and a Tone Port UX8 interface, and a very sweet pair of B&W 600 series studio monitors, ill put some spex down about those later for those who are interested. Drums are done!, recorded them using a electric kit allot of cross referencing with realistic drum takes by myself.

Sam will most probably record first, thats just the way its always been, then kev then usualy james and his bass last and of course ill do the vocals in a separate location for as far as im aware were doing vocals in preston University, (UCLAN) Studios, Using a samson condenser USB microphone for vocals.

B&W Speakers.

Drive Units 
2-way second-order closed-box digital 
monitor system 
1 x 26mm high frequency with metal 
dome, high temperature voice coil and 
magnetic cooling 
1 x 200mm bass/midrange with 
reinforced polypropylene diaphragm 
and 30mm high temperature voice coil 
on Kapton former 
Frequency Response: 70Hz - 20kHz 2dB on reference axis 
Sensitivity: 89dB spl(2.83V 1m) 
Nominal Impedance: 4 ohms 
Power Handling: 30W - 150W into 4 ohms on unclipped programme 
Dimensions: Height: 490mm Width: 236mm Depth: 303mm 

New Producer Update

Hey guys, Paul Here!

Subject Seven are producing there first full length EP (Extended play) or short album, it has 7 tracks anyway, its been the biggest challenge I have ever had to face as a producer, I hardly knew a thing about recording a year ago and now im doing pretty much an album. What the hell!

Personal favorite of mine is (The Rising) which will be one of the tracks on seven rising, has some real power to it. The album will sum Subject 7 up, like iv mentioned before, its nothing like the New Dawn EP. Heavier, yes! But without loosing that EDGE!

For those who are interested thought id give you a run down of how I go about recording Subject Seven, You will only find it here, and nowhere else. I also have recorded, Ocean Bend, Dennis Delight, and a few close friends the same way, with excellent results. I use an Apple Macbook with logic Pro 8, Pod Farm 2, Superior Drummer 2.0, Guitar Rig 2, Bass Station, allot of Jam Packs. That’s the basics of it. Its all in house, no bullshit. This is the future. At the moment im borrowing a pair of the most awesome studio monitors iv ever heard, Bower & Wilkins 600i Studio Monitors, you should see them there huge!

We recorded all of New Dawn with Pod farm which is basically a guitar amp built into your laptop, no amps involved just computer, for seven rising were using Sams MESA Dual Rectifier, Kevs Black star Emulated Line Pedal. James DI’s his bass straight from him Hartke bass head. We really want the sound we have on record to be the same as our live sound. We feel this is important!!

I don’t have the facility to record my drums, Never have probably not for a long time lol very expensive man!, how we do it for Subject Seven is use a Roland TD20 electric drum kit through a midi interface via Superior Drummer 2.0 we can capture the feel of how the drums are played rather then straight programming, It works, don’t diss! We used this technique for (Come out tonight) Also iv put myself through the very anal process of making sure the drums in superior sound as close to my actual drums at our practice room. Its taken me a whole year…… fuck im sad.

The band plays to backing tracks live. Not literally don’t worry, were not faking, but ill go into this next week. It’s a long story.

Producer Update

Subject 7 are now writing new stuff! gona be cracking on with a new EP that will bring us into the new year with a bang, we want to celebrate our 1st birthday in march 2011 with a crushing 6 Track short album / EP.

We have learnt allot as a band and now we want to show you what we have become!

Ill be posting techniques i use to craft the bands all new sound which will be released in the next few weeks with a re-masterd New Dawn EP and hopefully a new song if all goes well :D

Producer Update

Subject seven are flying though recording there first album, although i suspect we will be getting as much out of the new dawn EP as we can before realising it.

Im working on remastering and re- recording the new dawn EP up to the standard of our album.

If you have read our face book status's you might of heard were realising a free download of NINJITSU once we get to 1000 friends! get on it my friends!

And also a free download for Halloween, what ever could it be? =]