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Project Update

Hey all, The project I told you about back in January is almost finished! At this point I am looking for a focus group to preview the project. So, the first fifty people who inbox me will be included in the focus group and will be contacted with instructions on where to review the tracks. Thank you so much for your continued support! I couldn't do this without you! VP

New Project

Hey all, I'm so excited to be back on the scene working with Teddy Starnes of Next Platinum Records and DJ Slim of Empire Recording on my new project! I'm going a whole new direction this time so get ready to me the new VP! Love ya!

2DEEP Drop Month Set

Attention Valerie Fans and Fam! We've just been notified that 2DEEP will be officially dropped sometime in December 2010! Look for it in Stores near you. We'll definitly inform you of the actual drop date and more info such as performances and signings as they come up. In the meantime and between time, know that you are loved! See you on the Big Stage! Ciao! V's Street Team [This email was approved by Valerie Pierce]