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Thanks to my band of brothers!

My band mates are awesome! I threw 6 or 7 new songs at these guys on Thursday night. Played them through once or twice, then rehearsed them again two hours before the gig and they came out great at the show! It's one thing to play the notes but a whole different ballgame to play them with nuance, intensity, sensitivity and groove! Many thanks to Ryan and Alex! You cats rock!


I just have to say thanks to everyone who's added in as a fan! All the feedback is very much appreciated! Especially, a big thank you to the other bands on RN that are hip to building the musical community by becoming a fan & recommending each other! Let's keep the music alive by continuing to support each other!

Building Momentum

So, I added the "My Band" Application to my Facebook and Myspace pages 1 week ago today... within one week we went from having 30 fans to 108... Please share/recommend our fan page with your friends! Thanks for all the support!

Gigging tonight!

Can't wait to make some music with two of my best friends tonight! If you have a chance to stop by The Wine Affairs at 1435 The Alameda in San Jose, CA, please come and say hello! You can enjoy some wine, beer, tapas and some covers as well as a bunch of original music!

New to the ReverbNation!

Having a good time checkin' out a bunch of new artists! As a fellow artist, there's always more to bring in as new influences!