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Birthday and single drops

with all the hubbub surrounding the release of my first co-written song with Sara Ramirez on her self titled EP you'd think I might sit back, relax, and enjoy the mo. But, the biggest success of last week for me was my wife's 40th Birthday Party/Gig. At her request I sang some of the old tunes from our courtin days and played a rockin set with the new band. Also, fantastic guest artists sang and celebrated with us. Thanks to the Malediction, Lythion and eelwax jesus. Next, more new Master & Margarita Music in June. with the band. Hold on the Devil's comin to town and he's got some tricks up his sleeve.

The Atomic Guppies
The Atomic Guppies  (almost 7 years ago)

What a nice thing to say, Michael...nice to know that not "everybody's sellin somethin, wantin more than what they havin", right? :) Just wanted to say, again, how much I love "Eye to Eye". It's been a daily player on my iPod since it dropped on ITunes.

Any chance you might blog about your process as a singer/songwriter at some point? I'm a high school English teacher, too, and am always looking for great stuff to inspire my writing students (and myself!). I'd love to hear about your process, about collaborating/co-writing with different artists, working with lyrics, etc.

Thanks for your work, and for adding light and beauty to the world!


Anissa Emery

Starting and continuing

As I end the era of playing in other bands and focus on my solo work exclusively, I find I am happy to be offering the music I have been working on over the last 15 years or so. It will be a scattering of songs from varied times and places but all of it will represent as honest an accounting of what I've been up to as I can muster. To any who listen i thank you and welcome your feedback and support.

May you have peace and love in your life, MP