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It's getting closer...

Hello people and welcome to another edition of my blog or as im now referring to it as 10/10. Today im writing this blog because i want everyone and there mother to know whats been going on as of late with my self (soul b.) and ill soul productions as well as what the future holds for all of us. First off im all moved into my new Diggs so the studio has undergone alot of sound changes and a new look so when you come through you'll be very excited to know the sound has gotten better and will continue to get better in the coming months.

This journey i have embarked on will hopefully come full circle in the next few months when you see ya boy on t.v. at the Grammy's with alot of talk about who i'll be working with and for. As of right now im in the lab mix-taping it out as well as gearing up to drop my single on iTunes which all my die hard fans have already gotten a listen to (Up Outta Here feat. Calvin Dennis). This is a major step and one that will not be taken lightly so when the time comes i encourage everyone to buy a copy of the official single as the copy that is on here is the rough mix version.

Next i wanna talk about loyalty. Ive done my fair share of messed up things but no matter what i told the truth when it came to my musical endeavors and stayed loyal to a fault to everyone. I now see that that was my fault and the main reason i never really got anywhere in my own career and to my fans i apologize for that. I now see that i am not a group artist and will forever be a solo artist but that doesn't mean i don't work well with others. On the contrary, running the company and being part of it as an artist is my ultimate collaborative endeavor. Thus i now can make all kinds of educated decisions based on experience and business sense that only other artist/business men can achieve.

An artist friend of mine who is also an engineer came to me and asked me for some advice about a local artist he knows that wants to pair up with him. He said the local artist went on and on about how many people in the street know him and how great and plentiful his accolades are in these said streets are. All this to prove the point that making money on these streets would not be a problem when they release an album together. My friends argument was clear, what do these streets mean when you want your music all over the world? My friend is all over the internet which 9/10 is what any label and management wants for there artist is maximum exposure! My reply was simple in this case, if you think your that hot out here in these streets then Google yourself!

Google is like bounty, its the quicker shutter upper! If I Google you and your not the first 10 things that pop up then you are failing as an artist by todays standards. But if I Google myself and im not only the first 10 but the next 10 as well, well then shut up and buckle up for the ride cause I know what im doing and where im going so lets go! All that to say this, we are moving in the right direction and to those who because you don't see me around here and here me all loud well thats all gonna change in 1 week from today!

Rapper, MC or both...

I'm asking this question because I'm so sick and tired of wack ass rappers getting away with disrespecting the art. I am an mc by trade and choice because I respect the path that was laid out by those who came before me. I say all that to say this, when the fuck will the changing of the guard happen! Where are the co-signs from the big artist to help smaller artist who have talent get on? There are so many talented emcees that the next artist I hear make some cheesy club song with the same excuse of I need to make people dance in the club I'm coming for your neck. I'm done being Mr. Hip hop nice guy!

I'm putting cases out on all you rappers/trappers/actors who don't start putting work into your music. Ima take it tape it rape it and regurgitate it til I make it better. If you got talent holla at me and we can collab and make something special. But no I'm not about that club shit unless it's getting played and yes I'm a hipocrit right now caus I have club songs but that's because everybody wants to follow instead of lead. We are the artist and when some dumbass thought we should let people decide to play all the time we lost our power.

I'm writing this because I realized why it's so hard for artist now adays. 1. Because everybody wants to rap but not everybody wants to "learn" how to do it right. 2. The older rappers don't give the younger generation a chance so now all these carbon copies of the same song pop up because nobody is around to teach the kids (all these fatherless flows with no direction is dangerous and reckless). 3. We are giving props to people whose sole talent wasn't the rhyme they spit but the fact that they picked a hot beat (which anyone can make apparently nowadays cause it just falls out of the sky). WTF!!!

Tonite I'm gonna dream about this take over of my town and if you don't think I'll come for you you better hope I don't hear about it. But remember this, I'm a net geek and I will hear about you and your wack rhymes and when I do I'm gonna find your beat/producer make a song and the first words out my mouth will be "Hey (insert producers name here), I don't know what these other rappers doing but ima showem how to really kill one of your beats!!! Your gonna be mad and ima be sleeping dreaming of my next victim.

I feel better... Good nite.

What a life...

That song I did recenly "fear featuring drake" is closer to my true life then ya'll may think. This industry like many others in our vast and ever expanding world is a ride one should take carefully. I take my music very seriously but am always light hearted towards the fact that I do music. I love all my fans for there honesty they feel in telling me how they really feel about a song (good or bad). I look at what I'm doing right now that no other artist is doing and it seems so big but I look at it like if not me then who will do it all! Who will show people that rap/hip hop is still relavant for more than stupid catchy hooks (that I also make) and show the intelligence that we as "artist" use to shape the world.

I'm looking at you all with new eyes and am happy to be becoming the artist you all see me as. This life is amazing and I'm so happy you all can be part of it from the ground up.

love ya'll!!!

Soul B. a.k.a. Diddy of My City...

And so far I am living up to that name very much so lol I'm looking from the top like wow right now and the only way that I'm gonna stop is if somebody takes my spot but till then I'm on fire it seems. I still got so much love for my fans it's ridiculous and I'm trying my best to meet the very very high expectations for my album and guess what...I'm loving every minute of it y'all!!! the lyrics are getting better and the flows are becoming more interesting as well as my subject matter. as it would seem we have this very symbiotic relationship going on where you leave comments and listen and i take that as the energy i need to keep going everyday, every week and every year to come. There is a college tour coming up and a few surprises that i know my rap compatriots will be surprised to see me at music wise (I'll be doing different genres of music but yes i will always rap ;)). So all in all yall i wanna say thank you for bringing me to where i needed to be to succeed and as always you (my fans, my people) will always come first and foremost. I am my music as you are me

And The Beat Goes On...

And on and on and on lol Greetings fellow music lovers and welcome to my blog on me myself and you ;) Anyway so im writing this because today i came to a very great conclusion. im pretty good at this music stuff and yall are really good at this listening stuff (really you are amazing) and i think we should keep this relationship going (maybe we can catch a concert or something lol). but in all seriousnes i appreciate you guys so much that for the month of june im gonna give studio time to everyone who quotes this blog to me for $20 a song (all in one setting of course lol). Im also gonna be giving away free t-shirts in july and as always free songs every friday!!! Love ya'll and hope you keep doing what you do, listening

And The Winner Is...

Not me yet lol but we are close as y'all can see. So in today's blog I'm going to tell you about myself and who I am as an artist and a person because I feel its important that "I" before I become anything on notice should tell you about "me". You know my real name and the kind of music I do but did you know I also did 3 years of commercial art at "The H.S. of Art & Design" in Manhattan? Did you know I'm originally from Brooklyn new york and I was born and raised there til I was 17 and moved to Maryland? Of course you didn't (not til now anyway silly lol). Anyway the way I see it me telling you how I feel and how I want to succeed not by myself is a real emotion that everyone has but sometimes doesn't put it out like this. I'm a good guy who does bad things sometimes and makes bad decisions but I never said I was perfect just made for this music life. I really do love my fans and will give almost anything to and for them. You (with the accompaniment of my fiance) really are the reason I get up in the morning. I love the feeling I get when someone new comes to my page(s) and shows they appreciate the music by leaving comments or just simply listening to the music. I love it. So in a nutshell I'm a nutshell and I'm guessing most of you are too lol but that's why I look at all of you as being so close because unlike other artist I'm connected to my music each and every song I make. So today's conclusion is simple, let's keep doing what we do and make a better way for each other ;) Always thinking about you, I and us

Today $0.50, Tomorrow...

Who knows lol I'm writing this blog today because today marks the first sliver of money made off just me and my fans reaching out for each other :). I'm thrilled that this $0.50 is from the sheer power of just listening to the music and saying "yeah, I like that". From the bottom of my heart I thank everyone I have made more than a fan but a partner. It's this partnershp that we have that shows people like me and you that music is still and always will be what defines who we are. This $0.50 is so much more to me than I can put in words. Its a stepping stone, a mark, a goal achieved, a level met and most importantly an idea heard. I will continue making good music for you as long as you just do me one really really really big favor. Just listen to it and let me know if you like it ;). It's all for you and all free. When your ready to show a bigger support just donate (it sounds better than buy a shirt lol) and i'll be just as happy if you just sat and listened for your own enjoyment. Let's keep the focus on the music and the love in our hearts

Moving Into The Neighborhood

Ok so as we all can obviously see it's not going to be easy making this music thing happen overnite right?! Of course not but I know that we are not just an artist and some fans. I know that we are a movement of musicians and people who just wanna hear good music and not feel like someone is trying to get something from us for nothing. We work hard for our money and our lives and the least that we should get is some decent music. So today "WE" are officially moving into the neighborhood with our fellow musicians and are here to say simply "LET'S GO". We are here to stay because music isn't war it's art that should be respected but as a family (cause my fans are family) we know whats really good and like any good mother were here to clean house. I'll bring the cake and ya'll can bring the drinks cause I'm driving.

It Starts Now...

Seems like yesterday i was just getting into music as a whole and learning all the "wonders" of an industry that i've admired and heard stories about for years. Now here we are. I say we because this is a journey I can't take alone, I need fans and a support system because I know together I represent more than just a sound. By myself I am just myself but with my fans I am "us" and we have a voice and it will be heard. This is literally my first blog and I look forward to our convos back and forth about music and where we are all going in it. All My Music is yours for the taking and for the supporting. I believe in you so believe in me and "we" will be more than just the sum of our parts. Your Fan: Soul B.