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Thanks Reverb Nation!

I've been Showcasing my music and promoting my performances on Reverb Nation now for about 3 years. I'd like to extend a big thanks to the folks at Reverb Nation for the opportunity to be utilizing a great artist promotional tool in getting my stuff out there. I've been consisitently in the top ten for about three years and now I'm No. 1! Thank you for increasing my popularity and recognition of my music on the web. I would also like to give thanks to the slue of very talented original Reverb Nation artists for their major support. Truly grateful!

"Live" New Single Release 2013

Peter Betan is releasing his brand new single titled "Live" released thru Higher Ground Music and world wide distribution by CD Baby "Live" is a richly acoustic, highly melodic Christian pop tune which is sure to please. Soon to be featured and available on Reverb Nation February 2013

Breaking the rules can lead to creating somthing different

Sometimes, in the heat of creation... break the rules! Do something out of the ordinary when stuck. It can help you to reach new creative thresholds and finish a song which you've had on the shelf too long..