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Incidental / Blog

Days Of The New - Flagstaff AZ

Hey we had a great time at the Greenroom SEPT 2 with Days Of The New and Property 6. We got a chance to talk with a bunch of fans old and new. Thankyou so much to all of those who came out. There are some pictures on The Official Tallcat Studios Blog http://tallcat.com/blog/ We will be back soon flagstaff... Matt

Beyomd Tijuana...SONG FOUR

alright lets get back to releasing this album...have I plugged the album once since I started? I dont know so Ill do again. STUDIO A (me screaming Studio A): In my business you plug shamelessly. Which is probably how you got here. Sorry.

i wrote this in the early days of the band with James MacPherson (Toy Piano Productions) So i wrote the song about a young family crossing the desert to find a safe place they could rest. I was driving home from working in Los Angeles and i saw a man carrying a woman on his back and couldn't get the image out of my head. Days of scribbling went on as i derived their story from the single moment in which i was a spectator to their life. Recently there has been a lot of changes to the laws here and people like to derive their own meanings for what I wrote. Whatever you take from the song is cool, but i thought you should know it was inspired by focus, determination, unconditional love and a hunger for something better. Enjoy.


I decided to take a break from the song debut blogging for one night. Crazy Carl, from Bonesaw "BNSW", came to visit me today. He was talking about lead man Taylor Yancy (BNSW) and his collection of pets, in a wildlife habitat, at his house. I go over and listen to the band rock my ear drums till they bleed (kinda just BNSW's style) Well apparently a few months ago Taylor got and a baby emu. Carl told me about it when he first got it and i just blanked out as he told me the story because i was busy having flashbacks of a previous emu attack, yes I was attacked by an emu. Until you walk in these shoes, don't rule it out from being the happenings of a normal day.

So I was at this house helping a friend that was trying to clear off a big piece of property.

And on that farm they had some emu. Just one but he was almost 7 feet tall. I had no idea at the time that these animals were aggressive at all and approached it calmly thinking nothing of it. I went into the gated off pen and went to pet it. Big NO NO.It charged directly at me and I had to run away from the only exit on the pen. My friend is yelling at me to get out but there's no way i can make that happen from my position so he throws me a rusted machete from the yard. Guess what? Emu's don't know what machetes are so he just kept attacking. I didn't want to hurt the bird but it was becoming a life and death situation. i then tried climbing up the fence and over the side of the pen and I didn't quite have the time to get over and moved right before a head butt from this gigantic attack turkey. One of the neighbors saw the whole thing and rushed over to divert the emu's attention. As soon as I got out and caught my breathe the neighbor says "Oh my I have never seen anyone go in there before. You got a death wish son?" to which I replied "Yes sir, i do"

On the Wings...SONG THREE

okay, so now-a-days this is how i start my show. I like the energy the song sets for an opening song. If i start with that kind of power, then I only have to step it up as the set progresses. We are having a lot of fun with this song. If you read through the lyrics you'll notice that there is a bunch of words missing from the live track. I don't play the intro to the song live. It is on the full version CD "Fill In the Blank" so you will have to check it out there. It is a 4 part vocal harmony that i dreamed up while flying to New York with my old friend Will Russell. I was not in my right mind at the time and Will decided that was a cue for him to mess with me the entire flight. When we got to the counter for check in the lady there told me to run so i did. She didn't say "after you check in" so i left my license on the counter-top and ran with my guitar and suitcase, no boarding pass. Luckily Will still had to check in so he was able to retrieve my stuff. I got into security line and realized that i was lost. Now i knew I was at the PHX airport but that doesn't mean anything at 6:30 am when 4 thousand people are trying to leave PHX (not that i blame them)1 hour later Will finds me in the security line just panicked because i just now realized that i don't have my ID. He calmed me down and after a bit we walked through security, no problems. We were standing on the loading ramp to the plane and as the pilots walked passed us. Will whispers in my ear "did those guys smell like bourbon?" and I lost it. I was on the edge of my seat the entire flight. Glued to the window as the pilots are now tilting the plane, sided to side, to show us the rocky mountains. Are you kidding me? Im telling Will in all seriousness " Somebody needs to go up there and check on these two..." When I finally fell asleep we were in Philadelphia. When I woke up on the floor in the next terminal words were scribbled in my notebook that I hadn't seen before. On the wings, oversight there is things that you really cant see...

To the Brink of my thoughts...SONG TWO "Brink"

Okay so I wrote this song more than a few years ago. It was my favorite song on Fill In The Blank when it was originally written. Now it proves to be the most powerful attention getter at the clubs we have been playing. The recorded version has been spinning on my MYSPACE page for the past two years so people are really associating with it. Dont think however that this version is anything like the version you have previously heard there or youtube. My favorite performance of this song was at a BATTLE OF THE BANDS that the city of Glendale, AZ puts on annually. I had played the contest for the prior three years but now i wasn't in H.S anymore and i was no longer eligible to win anyway. We were considered alumni of the event having won our freshman year out. Our act was one of the last bands of the night and it was quite cold but at least 300 people scattered in the downtown amphitheater. We dropped a banner down the length of the building behind us and went on to the stage running. It was amazing how the crowd reacted. they came right to the edge of the stage and screamed with me as we finished the set with Brink and a fast blackout. A lot of people ask me what the song is about and why I wrote it. this is the story behind that: A long time ago i lost my best friend. After she was gone i got a delayed letter in the mail from her expressing that she couldn't handle the pressures of living a lie in her life. She told me in the letter that I needed to read between the lines...so i took every other line from her letter and composed this song. It will always remind me to be who I am. So should you...

Lets start at the begining...SONG ONE "I'll wait"

The first song I posted is a song I wrote a few years ago. When I was performing with Jaclyn Monroe we played it acoustic folk style. I totally recommend www.myspace.com/jaclynmonroe Jaclyn is an amazing vocalist and gave it even a touch of soul. I think there may be video out on youtube.com of us in a coffee house somewhere. It was one of the first songs I wrote after splitting with a previous band. I started playing by myself as fast as get could hammer out a set. I was also really into re-discovering old Weezer albums, and Beatles albums something i totally recommend everyone do. I get lost in just about whatever they have put on album.This would explain some of the sound you hear now So then last year i gained a new respect for "I'll wait" when we turned it a little 'punky' for the full version album (Fill In The Blank).We started opening with this song right after everyone learned it and had a few explosive starts to shows. We ran on to the stage for a packed house at The Clubhouse (Tempe, AZ) one year ago in October. The crowd was amazing. I couldn't see much the sweat was completely in my eyes but i don't remember caring.I cab remember it was a very powerful set and i walked off the stage feeling really good. I like it both ways and there's a little piece of me that still loves pounding out the chords on the piano and singing it when no one else is around. To me the song is a reminder that love does come and go...but you make the choices that either build or destroy relationships, so hopefully you make the right decision. Don't keep running from your life, simply turn and face it. This ones not to confusing I spell it all out in the lyrics. Read them in depth. I'm pretty straight up and I'm literally telling you what I think. Just my perspective anyway. I'm uploading song two now. Thanks for reading.

Right outside

I wrote this song called "Right Outside" a few years ago but honestly I never really connected with the song because the entire song didn't really relate to me. So I started over with the lyrics and spent a lot of time putting myself in perspective of the writing. I even changed the music a bit and now this song is a totally different world in more ways than one. Not only do I feel like I am performing a new song but the meaning of the song envelopes me while I perform it. After a great show I keep flashing back to that song and I sit at my piano in my dining room, at home, pounding out chords and screaming for the high notes. (I wonder what my neighbors think) For me "Right Outside" brings mixed emotions to a song because it makes you look at the reality of perception or was it the lack of reality? You can get this song on either the live tracks from studio A inside Tallcat Productions (tallcatproductions.com) or Fill In The Blank due to be released later this year. Matt

The Angel Silva Experience

With this US tour coming up rather quickly, I decided I should get some new ink to go with the new CD and awesome new charity that we are working with. So I go over to Timeless, where else right? And Bobby tells me to sit down with Angel Silva, one of the sickest artists I have had do work on me. The guy was totally professional at all times and is definitely "good people". Crazy Carl from the band Bonesaw has been getting inked by Angel for a few months now and also highly recommends him. No matter which of their artists you choose, go to Timeless Art & Tattoo at 67th Avenue And Olive Glendale, AZ

Our sponsors Timeless Art And Tattoo

6612 West Olive Avenue Glendale, AZ 85302-3924 - (623) 939-0969

In all actuality these are the guys that I have been sending all my friends to since I stepped foot into the original studio (Stainz-INK). I have always felt very comfortable Bobby's studios and i feel like that is a very important thing when choosing a studio. Not to mention Bobby and Angel are just truly amazing artists. You too Adam, piercings do count for something. Plus it's the most affordable place to get pierced. Same thing goes for recording studios for me. I mean you always want to do your homework on other work either type of studio has done in the past. That way you know that if its not a look or sound you are going for then you are in the wrong place. But if the work looks or sounds good and you feel comfortable/safe, then you have found a home. I'm proud to call Timeless Art & Tattoo the home of Incidental.