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Getting Real

Yesterday was surreal to say the least. Here's how it went: wake up jet lagged- no-show taxis- substitute taxis take us on a wild ride to get to WRCN on time- kickass fun on The Real Radio Show 103.9 Long Island- leave the station and see, on the street, the same taxi guy who gives us a ride to the train station- take the train to Penn Station and WALK ALL OVER MANHATTAN- train to Deer Park- stop at the liquor store- back to the hotel

Seems like we lived a month in one day. Thanks to everyone along the way yesterday, you even to the naked cowboy playing his guitar in Times Square.... more photos and videos to come!

Thank you Bremerton!

Thanks to Karen, Josh, Travis, Trina, and the staff at The Break Room in Bremerton. We had an awesome time and enjoyed sharing the stage with Bad Habit and The Seattle Rock n Roll Project. The sound was great and the atmosphere fun. Check them out if you're in town at 1220 Sylvan Way. A great place to unwind and enjoy live music. We'll be posting videos of our show as time goes on. Next up for us is an early morning drive to SEATAC Wednesday to fly to JFK. By Thursday morning we'll be talking to half a million (?) folks in New York. Thanks again to Henry K and the staff at The REAL RADIO SHOW and especially Frankie Dee for having us. Everyone can hear us live at the show's website: www.therealradioshow.com We'll be on sometime after 4 a.m. Pacific time..... Yeah, right? Not exactly rock star hours! Thanks again for your support of live music and old school rock.

Super September

Bremerton New York Everett Party Party Party That's the plan. Are you with us?

What's next?

Well the biggest effin weekend since the inception of Silver Bullet has passed now and it was a roller coaster of a ride. Maybe we shouldn't have decided to warm up the weekend with a local show first before playing two festivals in one day the VERY NEXT DAY Whose idea was that anyway? Someone distinctly recalls Jake saying, "I'm up for Friday night." So Friday night, hot & heavy led us into early Saturday morning where Cody was already back to work at 7:30. Tyler, Jake and Colin load instruments and headed up to Seattle for Hempfest, while James picked up Cody at work, Chris Briggs and two other passengers. A quick stop at the music store to replace Cody's bass strap clip and off to Hempfest for car number two. If you've never been, here is a good idea of what it is like for a musician: CRAZY. That is all. The experience of a lifetime, that's for sure. Arrive at the stage at 1 p.m., play at 2 p.m., back to the cars and on the road by 4 p.m. Back to Silver Bullet Headquarters by 5 p.m. to pick up the gear for the Brewfest. Three cars to Olympia by 6:15 for the 7 p.m. gig. All set up, sound check by 6:30, eat pulled pork, and play at 6:45. Rock the SHIT out of the waterfront and free beer. What more could a working band want? We thank everyone who dug us, danced, assisted in the whirlwind. We had a blast and damn we're tired- in a GREAT way.

Oh and by the way, some of us went to see Motely Crue and Kiss the next afternoon. Life is pretty effin great right now! Thanks for hanging with us. Silver Bullet Nation ROCKS!

Hot August Rock

Yeah. Here it is. August. We are booked and looking for more. This is going to be a great month. You'll be able to see us in Fife, Tacoma, Seattle, Olympia, Yelm, and hopefully one other awesome place we've been trying to crack. When we find out we're in, we'll letyou know cuz we will need YOUR help to kick some ass up north. Jake turned 21 last month. All barriers are down. We can take the world by the nuggets now and slay the rock n roll world. You're all invited to come along for the fun.

Changes can be GREAT

hey, so we haven't gone to NY yet, but we re-booked our flights to go in September. It was a major hassle, but the show on which we were to play is going LIVE instead of recorded. We will get our name out to hundreds of thousands more people than the previous gig would have allowed. So we have quite a few exciting things going on and we're looking to get a spot in the Puget Sound Battle of the Bands at Muckleshoot Casino. Spread the word! Stay cool!

FANLOVE and other stuff

We have a great bunch of fans. No doubt. You're nuthin' without people who love the music. We have mad fans. Rehearsal today for NYC show. Really concentrating on that as the next big milestone. There are some shows coming up in August and also some cool gigs we on which we are waiting for a decision. You'll hear about them here for sure so keep checking back. Silver Bullet Nation rocks!

Triad Arts show

Yes, we get to have the first rock show in the Triad Arts building. We thank Jayne for her gracious support. She gets it and we hope you will too when you hear us play. Come on out tonight and see Yelm's and South County's future look like. Rock on, Silver Bullet Nation!

Sizzlin' Summer

It's gonna be hot one. Three shows in Yelm coming up because these are our people and they want to help us get to New York. Triad Arts at 102 Yelm Ave. E. Yelm 7 p.m., Saturday June 2 and Friday June. $5 all ages. Four bands. How could you pass that up? We've invited our pals, MayFourthMovement, Pragmatic Chaos and My Mom Dumped Me. You will see an ass-kicker of a show. Let's give our little city something to do for youth!

Hot Summer Fun

We're booking shows and getting ready for our trip to NYC. We'd like to thank Mannette Saloon in Bremerton for inviting us to play June 29. All our friends on the peninsula are invited to come and see us. We are really looking forward to playing there. Before that, though, we are playing in Yelm at the Triad and Jayne is graciously working as our champion to help us make money for the trip to New York. Catch us somewhere along the way and don't forget that every time you show up and tell us you are on the emailing, you'll get a gift from us. Also, we still have bumper stickers, pins, and one-of-a-kind hand sprayed shirts for sale. Rock on!