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YES we had a rock n roll yard sale. Thanks to everyone who came out. There are many more people rockin' Silver Bullet shirts, hats, and bandannas on the planet now. Still looking for to get to NY and working on more gigs to spread the love. If you want us to rock your party, let's talk. You'll be the coolest on the block.

Changes make life exciting

So here we were working our butts off to get to NYC for June 18. Now we aren't scheduled until July 2. More time to get money enough to go and to possibly buy a bus. Come to our yard sale Saturday in Yelm. You'll see us on the street next to Burger King. We will play for free at noon. See you there!!

Rock N Roll Yard Sale May 5

HEY all you rock fans, help us get to New York City. We'll be selling stuff to buy finance our trip to appear on The Real Radio Show at Evolution Studios. We'll be playing music from 1-2. The year sale is 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at 307 McKenzie Street, Yelm. We'll be in the back yard of Emanuel Lutheran Church. We are also working on another local show you can help us with. Please come buy our shirts, bandanna, stickers, pins, and other stuff. Follow the music. Bring money!

Hard Rock All-Star show Sunday April 15

https://www.facebook.com/events/242227075875315/ Learn more about the Hard Rock All-Star show at the Vera Project at that facebook or on the Aryon Jones and the Way website. We'll be there supporting our fellow northwest musicians and helping them get to London. You can get in free if you vote for them and share it on your page, but WAIT!! don't do it until you get there and THEN you get in free. See ya Sunday!!

April Foolin' w/ 3 Inches of Blood

Colin here! On April 1st, a couple of Silver Bullet's own, including the almighty "pedal-tech" gathered in Seattle to attend the Metal Alliance at Studio Seven. Little did we know we were going to consume so much alcohol! (thanks Joe for the free shots). So here we are in the bar, looking at 3 inches of blood drinking some Rainiers in the corner. With liquid courage on our side, we got the honor of hanging out and getting some pics taken with them. I couldn't ask for a better way to spend a good April Fools. Make sure to rock hard bullet fans and GOODNIGHT

New York New York

We've got New York on our minds as we head into spring. Thinking about selling our stuff to get the money to fly, playing for the people and chomping at the bit to get some outside gigs when the outside weather improves. If you're looking for us, the best way to find us is to hire us yourself. We love doing parties at homes. It's fun for us and we get to hang out with the fans. Email us and we'll put on the party your neighbors will envy!

Real Rock for Real People-Silver Bullet

YEAH that's right. We're going to New York to play on The Real Radio Show June 18. What more can be said?

Hard Rock Hangover

Cindy here. No, we didn't have hangovers after playing at Hard Rock Seattle, but we took a break to recollect after the gig. We don't have any shows booked, but we are working on getting some more good covers down for our summer gigs. Honestly, playing live music is a grueling task when venues want you to pay to play, get YOUR music for free, collect all the bar tabs and share nothing with the musicians. As the manager, I find it terribly exploiting the way the venues take advantage of acts. And the musicians want to play so badly, they badger all their fans to buy tickets, or worse yet, they give away tickets they buy themselves to get into a club. It is a sad state of affairs that will only stop when musicians decide to stand their ground. Really, acts should be there to help the venue build a following. We shouldn't have to always depend on our tried and true fans to travel miles and miles to hear us. We'd like to play to a more diverse crowd. If the venue is cool and hires great acts, the people will come. Ok that is my rant about a lame business model for today. Most of the band will be blotto on St. Patty's day, apparently, keep your eyes open for Silver Bullet in a bar near you in Olympia!! If they fall in the gutter, will you kick 'em out of play until I can go get 'em out of trouble? Thanks fans. You ROCK!

Silver Bullet Rox!

Yup, we had to do it to get the site, but hey, the world is full of shorthand now in this txting, html, IM world.

We are happy you found us here. We would like to keep you up-to-date on our gigs and events, so please get on our email list. You'll get an email every other week or so with insider info, opportunities for merchandise and early ticket purchase and free tickets just for being on the list!

Thanks for your support and rock ON!

See you there!

What's better than seeing 3 great local acts perform at the Hard Rock Cafe in Seattle? Seeing Silver Bullet play with them! In just under 24 hours, Silver Bullet will be playing their hearts out to their fans, old and new, at the Hard Rock Cafe in Seattle. But if you're still trying to decide if you want to go, I'll just have to give you a couple reasons to go!

1) There hasn't been a show that we've been more prepared for. Every practice something gets tweaked, something gets fixed, making us a more cohesive band as a whole.

2) If you think you've seen all there is to Silver Bullet on stage, think again! Slowly and surely we've all been letting loose and coming into our own. We are pumped for this show and it will show when we hit the stage.

3)It's at the Hard Rock Cafe on a FRIDAY NIGHT. You are guaranteed a good time!

If that hasn't convinced you, you're probably not trying to have a great night with AWESOME live local music. But, since we both know you're going to go, I'll see you there -Cody