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2010 ends... 2011 begins!

Well, 2010 was a hell of a year for us. It may seem to some of you that we disappeared from sight but rest easy, we have not... In fact our slight absence in 2010 is what will make 2011 the best year that Thanatotic Desires seen yet... Sure, 2009 was great, lots of shows! lots of parties, lots of METAL... but we were just finding ourselves then. We gained a singer and a brother in the form of a man named Tom Gilmartin who's helped the bands attitude, as well as our sound. But by the end of 09 we knew we had to step EVERYTHING up. So as 09 ended and 2010 began, we made live performance our lowest priority and began to search for studios and producers and managers and all that shit to help us become more than a garage band. We soon realized that there isn't anyone out there who can "manage" the band better than ourselves. Its not like we have any money to pay someone anyway, and until we have more to manage and somebody can offer more than we can already get, we've decided to stay self managed. With other bands in the scene appointing members and/or friends to "manage" we started calling myself (Will) the manager. After talking to many studios in the tri state area for price, specialty, experience, quality and other criteria; we found a strong connection with our Engineer/Co-Producer Kevin Antreassian of Backroom Studios. Kevin's worked with some big names in the music world. He was a guitar tech for Dillinger Escape Plan, he plays guitar for Knife The Glitter and he's recorded and produced albums by artists such as: The Number Twelve Looks Like You, Return to Earth, Trophy Scars, The Binary Code, and many more. You can visit his site on Myspace for samples of the artists he's recorded and produced and its amazing. He's got a great facility and the money is right! We began working with him in April and since we all have day jobs and shitty schedules, its taking longer than expected. Good news is that 3 of the songs can now be heard just about everywhere on the internet, and our NJ metal station 89.5 FM WSOU. Back then, our only goal for 2010 was to release our debut album "Deathwish" and unfortunately it was not met. However, we did manage to play the most popular club in NJ (Starland FUCKING Ballroom) and we got our 3 singles on the air waves sooo 2010 hasn't been a complete disappointment. It really set the stage for 2011 and what it has in store for us. So what will 2011 have for TD and our fans? Well I'm certain we'll have an album, some more T-Shirts for all you guys who missed out on the 1st pressing back in 09, and we'll have a few different styles in a wider range of sizes so you can pick and choose. We have lots more but I don't want to spoil anything. TD will also start playing out of state gigs in our surrounding area. That's PA, NY, CT and MD for the geographically fucked. We'll still rock NJ often, but with our fan base growing we need to spread the tunes out as well. So with 2010 ending and all our frustrations and doubts can go with it. 2011 is a time for a new start and a large step forward as recording/performing artists THANATOTIC DESIRE!

So as I end this, is there anyone who has any last words of wisdom, or something positive you'd like to share please do.

Happy new year to all, don't forget to ROCK & RAGE!!

-Will Winton Thanatotic Desire