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for the tru fans

hey u want to get noticed? u want to get out there on the web? Well then become a Tru Fan. All u have to do is like the music if u do e-mail me at big_b1603@yahoo.com i will put u on the list and post who is supporting the artist.

New ALbum Release

I have a new album commin soon hope everyone is ready for it.it gonna have a lot of verity some really deep shit and those club bangers, don't forget bout those hood anthems, and a whole lot more. Stay in touch wait till u here some of the featuring artist. cant forget about those. thanks and support local artist.

thank you

all i gotta say thanks you to all my fans and keep this shit movin in the rite directions. keep in touch wit the music cuz i got more commin.......


Check out the music we doin big things