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Demon Hunter/All Shall Perish

with Flood This Earth opening wanna go keep tuned into The Morning Buzz! Scott/drums


Feb 28th. Dover Brickhouse with Taproot and 6gig. March 3rd. Wallys in Hampton with Demonhunter Scott/drums


Keep checking in gigs are being booked! Keep it metal Scott/drums


We got some really cool gigs coming up at some venues we haven't played in a long time or at all! Scott/drums

Good Stuff Coming!

Last night me and Rob hung out and watched some very cool F.T.E live stuff! I think we gotta do something with it! Details to come...Scott/drums

Lend A Helping Can!

Great session last night, havin a blast playing with another drummer! Steve is helping me give Rob a headache.....

Thanks to all!

Who came down to The Dover Brickhouse on Sat night!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yBDeU9J09Gk&feature=youtu.be Scott/drums

Flood This Earth/A Simple Complex/Tester/HeroOn Hold

See you at The Brickhouse tomorrow night, we go on at 10:40pm!

Gigs, Gigs and more gigs!

2013 is already busy gigs being booked thru April and still gotta squeeze in some studio time for album number 2! Scott/drums

Jan 26 Flood This Earth Gig!

Hey got a pretty cool chance to play with A Simple Complex at The Dover Brickhouse, going on at 10:40pm