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Turkey Will Be Eaten!

Hey all enjoy the holiday with your families eat turkey, drink beer, listen to Flood This Earth! Keep it metal! Scott/drums

Metal stuff................

Lots going on studio time booked for Jan 2013. Tonight we start to get the set ready for our 12/21/12 gig and make sure the new songs sound friggin tight! While drinkin some adult sodas!

Randy away.

Ok Randys gone for a few weeks for work, and he might be flying home for a VERY big show that might get offered to us fingers crossed, but when he's away we will be making some metal! Scott/drums


Well that was awesome thanks to all who opened their wallets and made a bid on a chance to write a song with us! Steve lets do it!

Lend A Helping Can

Flood this earth is teaming up with Greg and The Morning Buzz to fight hunger! Today from 2-7pm you can bid and win a chance to write a tune with the boys then head off to record the song at Bad Bones Records! Bid away and keep it metalhttp://www.wheb.com/common/lend_a_helping_can.html Scott/drums


Silverfox drumsticks has just added Scott to their family look for the two of them making some musical mayhem together real soon! FTE


Metal will be brewing in the Flood This Earth jam room! Getting the songs ready for the new album is whats on the menu for tonight!

Revocation show not happening!

Ugh! Just got word that this weekends Revocation show has been canceled! Ugh! sorry!


Might try to see this band twice in week! Keep it metal Scott/drums https://www.facebook.com/events/278931028876096/

Falls 2012

Whats happening metal heads hope this post finds you well! What are we up to? Got a gig a month now till Feb 2013! New album being recorded at Bad Bones in Jan. Endorsements deals are happening for us, also we got tons of new stuff being worked on! Keep checking in and Keep it metal Scott drums