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Cool Gig!

Got a cool gig to tell you about before weeks end! Scott/drums

Lend A Helping Can Winner.

Steve Hauck was our high bidder to write a tune with Flood, last night we started the mayhem and it was EPIC!!!!!! Scott/drums

Our world!

Robs feeling better so tonight we are gonna jam with our auction winner Steve two drummers one band! Keep it metal Scott/drums

Lend A Helping Can!

Tomorrow night we start jamming with LHC winner, as we write a new tune with this dude! Two drummers!


Ok, working on a new t-shirt idea, also meeting up with the guys at Bad Bones Studio this week to nail down the time for album number 2. Scott/drums


Well we made another year working on tons of good stuff this year! Like a new album get ready!....Scott/drums


This week is one crazy week! Hold on see you in Dover on Friday night! Scott/drums

What a night!

Ran the set! things sound friggin amazing! and it's great havin guitar tech Mikey back in the house! Scott/drums


Great jam session last night! We got 8 songs for you on the big 12/21 show! Scott/drums

Hold on!

The next two weeks are off the hook busy! wow....No matter what make sure your at the Brickhouse for 12/21/12! Keep it metal Scott/drums