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Never let it die.......

The last year has had its rocky moments for sure. The kind of madness that seemingly goes hand in hand with creative surges. It short circuits people. And with inspiration and drive comes jealousy's and resentment. But you sure find out who your friends are. So yeah here I am, ready to go back in the saddle, fly west and record a new album with a Grammy winning producer and my best music ever. (at least that shall be my mantra, alongside slow is good but slower is better!). Defiantly I begin a new chapter, raising the bar as I go........

Austin City Limits :-)

Me & Jimmy Bartolo totally rocked Dallas last night. lots of fun. The best host ever too. and now........Austin. And we're gonna rock this place on your behalf. If the world ends tomorrow we'll be there slamming it!!!!!!!!

From Detroit To Dallas

Dallas, Texas. 75 degrees. Just drove round the city, strangely touched at seeing the grassy knoll and the book depository.............Playing in a proper country bar tonight.......Lets see what they make of us!!!!!!

The chapters in Detroit and the dirty south

So wednesday I touchdown in Detroit city, a place I'm eager to explore. It has a tough rep, but hey so do I :-) We'll be hanging there for a month and then down to Austin for Xmas.....In all honesty it's a musical pilgrimage I've wanted to take for years so....Enjoy, work, and play hard!

The album, the launch & beyond

I won't lie to you and say this was easy. It wasn't. At all. And I could list the hurdles we jumped, the seemingly endless array of pitfalls bypassed, but I won't. What I can say is this, it is a really great, honest, passionate and heartfelt body of work. And without humour and our never say die spirit it might have just ended up half finshed collecting dust in a hard drive somewhere (presuming that hard drive hasn't blown up).

But finish it we have and so now we embark on the next stage of the journey, a burning desire to play to as many of you as possible, for you to share in our expression, our dreams, the power of music to invigorate and inspire, to fleetingly forget life's stresses and strains and get lost in music.

This all begins with 2 nights at The Coach & Horses, our spiritual home here in Malta. They happen on the 14th & 15th of September. Alison Lewis is flying in from Detroit to join us for the occasion (which is a story in itself being as she and I only met once before yet she is now singing on most of the record)..... So if God loves a trier he might just tickle us with the lucky stick and send us off on this journey with harmony, chorus' and big smiles from all and sundry. Thanks for sticking with us up to this point. Now we hit home runs :-)

Love MM

The end of January recording hiatus

So our producer Marrk McRae jets in from Sicily tonight for a final week of recording. Praise Hosanna indeed. Nino Marchese, the man who is going to mix the thing I hope, flies in Saturday.....Lots to do, work still to do on 5 of the songs I'd say.....Hope Jimmy the Dead Man makes it back in one piece from London! We played the album live for the first time Friday night.....it was a great feeling. A heartfelt performance from The Dissidents, especially drummer Mike Galea who learned 10 songs in about 10 hours of rehearsal.....and so pulled it off!


So the next song we're putting out there is ready to go, just waiting on the promo which will be done in the next week. 'Last stone on my grave' has both Alison Lewis & Alex Alden singing backing vox, a first for us. We can't wait for next year and all the promise that she brings. Playing music and reaching the good people of the world. See you someplace soon XXX


Recording sessions going along fine and gigging everywhere in between. Busy year for the D's so be expecting an album which is well under way :) J

Sizzling in Sicily.....

Well we've had all the guitars out. Acoustic, Dobro, electric 12 string, Telecaster, stratocaster.............So yeah the proverbial kitchen sink...........2 weeks to get the rest done and get out of here before the mosquito's suck us dry.......The Sheriff. X

The indiecana sound of Martin McNeil & The Dissidents

Rehearsals are sounding cool as.....we can't wait to give malta some twang and thang........:-) XXX