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Just signed a contract with P-Vine Records in Tokyo. They are re-releasing my first album, Gathering, again, in Japan and Asia! Feeling pretty honored. They are a huge record company in Japan, been around since 1975.

New CD for sale -- "No Turning Back"

Gary Marks "No Turning Back" CDs are here - a limited amount for sale. $15 price includes shipping to anywhere. Let us know if you want one!

New rock CD released, 2013

Check out Gary's new rock CD, "No Turning Back" http://garymarksmusic.com/gary-marks-music-noturningback.html

Another re-release

Gary's third album, "Thoughts of Why" originally released in 1977, is being re-released in Japan this month.

"Upon Oanda's Wing" review by Japanese record company

Oanda review and promo by Japanese record company, translated from Japanese: "Gary Marks is a jazz songwriter with charm! This is the first time on CD that the world has heard the music of 'Upon Oanda's Wing.' Oh the miracles of Stella! (Japan) It is a reissue that was unexpected. 'Gathering,' the first of Gary Marks' work was reissued from Kindred Spirits (the Netherlands) in 2007. Now you can listen to his second album, 'Upon Oanda's Wing.' As jazz-rock 'Gathering' is popular and wonderful, and the subsequent 'Upon Oanda's Wing' seconds this. 'Gathering' was produced with John Scofield and also released the work of Dave Samuels. Gary looked up to Art Lande as a teacher of piano. Gary's work is reminiscent of James Taylor music. His third album, 'Thoughts Of Why' is soft and this work has become an element of color. The singer songwriter is strong. Gary's Marks songwriting style is poetic with original sentiment. 'Upon Oanda's Wing' is an interplay of the wonderful band members. Each participant shows a range of form, and draws freely the charm of the song. Recommended for people who really like Aruzo Kenny Rankin! Played in a relaxed manner, these are great pieces that bring to mind surrender."

I'm still writing

Have played around with some new guitars this year, in particular a Gibson robot! http://www.gibson.com/robotguitar/