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Check out our official Website www.societyfallsmusic.com

Sfalls in Fresno, CA

Fresno, California! We are coming near you, please come to us. On Friday December 5th 2014 Sfalls is playing at KuppaJoe's ALL AGES NightClub. Pre-sale tix on sale online for $6.00 super cheap!!! We look forward on meeting everyone!!! http://ticketf.ly/1tZE6rQ

Brutally Honest the record

It's up on iTunes and for physical copies everyone come out to a show or order it online! Go to www.facebook.com/societyfalls for direct links!

#BrutallyHonest 1st Record Releases on....

1-14-14 Be Sure to be on the a great look out, for #BrutallyHonest Society Falls, First Record to be released on 1-14-14! The record has 11 songs, featuring new songs like "#BrutallyHonest, and Screaming"


This year has yet been one of our most interesting experience as a band. We gained and we lost a little bit of everything. Thank you to all who constantly come out to support us! Being that 2013 is coming to an end. Stick around for some more awesome projects we've got lined up! Show on Saturday September 28 2013 will be considered our last summer show of the year. Don't miss out $10 tickets!

Single Release 2012

Wow, we are so excited to gain new ears! We have a new song called "Stay" If you haven't yet click play! It's such a great song!! Don't miss out Enjoy

Winter SHOWS are DONE

Thank you! and Thank you for coming out to see us during the winter! Everyone of you motivated us to keep going! We have taken spring off to keep writing, and have projects lined up. We hope these projects will keep you with us, here in this fallen society. Togeather lets sing, and lets enjoy music. -love sfalls

Official Website

We are working on our new official website! We hope that its better for you guys to find out more about us! A date to be done is around the corner!

Thank You

Thank you to those who are giving us a chance simply by giving us feedback on our music. Help us spread the songs down. You guys have been nice, and we thank you for this. -society falls