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Well this has been a while.

But I decided to write something today. Not that it'll be read but who cares? This is more for me, a celebration of something I managed to achieve.

The drums to album 2 are done.

There is something about that that I just find so completely crazy. Since I last wrote, so many things have happened, both in the world and to me. Hell, even when I was writing updates back then so many things had already happened.

I started writing this album mid to late 2010, and then stopped for a while. I then started again in 2011, and stopped as I couldn't decided how to add to the 5 songs I had already written. In 2012, I moved to the Caribbean , and then moved to Pittsburgh to start grad school. Four years later, I am coming to the end of my PhD. And hopefully coming to the end of this album. It's been 6 years in the making, I've lived in three countries. And the drums are finally done.

It took a while. It took me spending a bit more money. It took relationships coming and going, people moving in and out of my life, 2 songs deleted, 3 new songs written, and work on a few covers as well. I have been distracted, lacking focus and working solidly for weeks at a time then ignoring it for months. But my album has it's first milestone.

The drums are finally done.

This album has changed, so much, some of the elements are still there, but it now has gone off on a new path. I like it though, classical meets metal, meets industrial meets electronica. It's a mixture of all the things I like, and if nothing else comes from this record (which I'm not expecting) at the very least I will be happy with it.

One milestone down, a whole bunch more to go. Guitars and synths will be quicker, vocals will take a long time. There are also 4 covers to finish, three of them ready for vocals, another that needs to be scored. But I will take my time, and if I can say I put everything into this, then I will be happy.

It'll be a few more weeks/months until I write here again, but for now, i just wanted to enjoy that finally something is complete.


Daniel (Event Horizon)

2014 so far

Hi Anyone and Everyone!

Still staying quiet here. Not much to say and not much to get excited about....yet. Work is still progressing, a little slower than I had originally intended, but sometimes life is the most cruel and indomitable balancing act you can play. And the things you love can get left whilst you have to everything else. However, I am still making great progress on the album. The EP is taking shape, and am hoping to get those ready for vocals soon. I've still got one more to write, so I've got to spend some time getting my head down and working out a bigger song that will come at the end, but when both the EP and LP come out this year, this will all make sense. Either way, I'm still really excited to get what I've done out there, I'm proud and I hope at least a few people get some enjoyment from it!

Anyways, have a great day,


Progress Report!


As always, since I'm constructing a new (digital) studio and waiting for everything to come together so I can finish my music, I have to resort to blogging. But things are good, and I can reveal a few detaisl about the album coming up.

First up, there's not just going to be an albumn, there will be an EP followed by LP. All is going to be available online. Honestly, I've stopped giving a shit. I want as many people to hear this stuff as possible, and don't care about making money. If people get enjoyment out of what I produce then that's all the payment I need.

I'm producing a hell of a lot of music, and have in fact written one final piece, which will be the third single of the record. I'm also rerecording and re imagining 'Last Words Pt. I'. Now I've got a bit better at recording and composing I felt it would be a great idea to give it an update. I liked the old version but didn't do what I wanted to do. Now I've got access to so many more samples/sounds and general weirdness I felt it'd be a good idea to redo it. So I'm forging ahead with that and it's sounding cool, real proggy, a bit weird at the beginning, but just generally cool.

Looking more like this will be done in 2014, and will blog a lot more nearer the time. Gonna be cool, gonna be free, just really looking forward to sharing with everyone. Current plan is to bombard the internet and be as annoying as possible :P

Anyway, take care of yourselves, EH

First blog post in a long time.....


Ok, so this is kind of bizarre, but I'm actually writing something on here for the first time in a very long time.

So it's been a long time since I've really truly done anything worthwhile in terms of advertising my projects, but I've at the very least made sure that everything is back online. I'm slowly getting to where I want to be.

The music itself is still (slowly) getting there, although I don't have too much time to devote to it. Weekends are currently my best bet. But I'm still chock full of ideas, and am really excited about the end product. It's definitely my sound this time and I'm really happy about that :)

I have 10 songs for the new album, I have a new artist, a new photographer and possibly some videos in the pipeline for this one. And a new attitude, what I really wanted when I first starting recording my work. It may well take a few more months (I've got a big equipment list that I need), but I'm confident that it'll be worth the wait!

In the meantime, take care,


Event Horizon


Hello to everyone,

Hope you're all doing well!! As you may or may not have noticed, the site is looking a lot more cluttered, shall we say, than it was a while ago. That's because I've been reather busy trying to promote this project, by setting up on various other websites in the hope some people might pass by and enjoy the music :) The links are all up, so head on over to see whats going on!! Also, grab some banners if you see them, either on here or on Reverbnation to spread the EH word!!

The main things for me at the moment, its that now I have 2 songs DONE (except vocals of course) for the new album!! Appropriately its the first and the last ones, so now I just need to fill in the middle!! Writing is going very well, and I'm hoping that I'll have finished the instrumental recording in the next few months I'm enjoying the process so much more this time, its not so much of a pain, and now that I have new sounds and new software, I'm finally able to realise the dreams I've had of creating the kind of music I want to create - the EPIC levels have gone through the roof, and all I'm going to say about the last track is that if you can listen to it and not cry then either you're made of stone, or you're lying .

Apart from that there is not as much to report, but I will be keeping this updated as to my current progress - I'm hoping that new music and new artwork will be up later this year!!!

All the best,