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Dear friends, We are happy to introduce you our new singer. We welcome Eva to the Dimlight family as our front woman, the choice of which is the most appropriate to express the new musical identity of the band. We would also like to inform you about the launch of our campaign on Indiegogo, which is to last for about two months. Our need for creation and our musical ambitions led to the completion of the pre-production for our new album. We rely on your help through the campaign to move into the final production, a project that cannot be realized without your contribution and your support. The new chapter has now opened; stay tuned for further announcements...


Dear Friends, It's been a while since we've posted some news!Our collaboration with our (former) record label Emotion Art Ltd. has ended and we wish to thank them for their support. For those who wish to purchase any Dimlight merch, our official online store will be up and running soon enough on our official Dimlight ...website! Currently we are working on the pre-production of our second album and the recordings are expected to start on February 2011! Stay tuned for more news and updates, live dates are soon to be announced! Stay heavy\m/ Dimlight

Hey everyone!

We are new to revernation and we could really use your help to spread the word around about Dimlight so here are some links you can find us at and tell your friends about us!

Rock on!\m/