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Interview with Chad Ghattas - May 8th, 2010

When did you decide to devote all of your time to music? "In 09' I was sick of the rat race and wanted to give my life purpose, even if it meant being poor... and so far it's working out... I'm abundantly impoverished." How long have you been doing music? "I've been writing songs for over 10 years and been in more than 2 dozen bands... but I've finally got a team I can flourish with." What was your first song? "I wrote a song called "All the lonely souls" I've always had a propensity to write music that's meant to be thought provoking and a bit sarcastic." Who was your biggest inspiration musically? "Oddly enough... NOFX.. they were able to get serious messages across without taking themselves too seriously. I think that's what art is, allowing people to see themselves in your work. What do you do when you get writers block? "I bang my head against the wall until either blood or gold comes out." What's your favorite song of yours? "I like to think I love all my children equally, but it's probably "Tend to scare each other." I think it best depicts the reason I create music in the first place. We're all just trying to figure out ourselves and the world around us, but we tend to make some rash decisions in doing so. Plus, I just like the fact that such a depressing song is set to such upbeat music." What's the meaning behind the band name? It's a concept of a future reality where time travel is possible so much so that time machines are readily available and discarded based on fashion and features as things today so commonly are. Its a much deeper idea than people take it at face value.. its often misconstrued as being a name we chose because it sounds cool; which it does but that was only happenstance. What are you listening to you other than your own music? "A lot of old vinyls actually, I went kind of crazy at a garage sale recently and picked up some Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd, Queen, Cat Stevens, Heart, Meco (inspired by star wars) and my favorite... Heavy Funk, to name a few. For a dollar a piece I couldn't help myself." What do you do when you're not making music? "Sleep for nine hours." Why the slight variations of genre on your album? "I think it avoids predictability, who doesn't like at least a little variation? It's the same reason I don't wear the same shirt everyday. Plus, we're really versatile musicians, its hard not to go into a different genre and not make something that we really like." What's next for VTM? "Album release on May 31st. I believe we will be releasing a few more songs to the site before then.. namely "Neon Lights" and "This City." so look for those."