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Did you lose your old Waste Basket c.d.s??

Well you can download them for FREE! Hell, even make a donation if you want! These are some old albums, its funny to think we turned into the band we are now by playing the music we did over the years! The albums we are giving away for free downloads are as follows: Waste Basket - "Just When you Thought You Smoked It All " (e.p.) Waste Basket- "Don't Flush 'Til Morning" (Full Length) Waste Basket - Are We Famous Yet? (e.p.) just go to - http://wastebasket.bandcamp.com/ Here you can also stream our newest Full Length or download it for the low price of $7! Yeah! -Rockin Dom


We finally finished our long overdue full length album "Party Fowl" You can stream the whole thing for free and download it if you ant for only $7!!! On this site you can download all of our other albums from back in the day for FREE!!!! (or donation). So check us out on Bandcamp use the link below!! http://wastebasket.bandcamp.com/