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September Benefit Concert @ Kennydale Hall


Contact: Kimberly.Pedone@gmail.com


Renton, WA (August 20, 2013) – International Roots Rock and Blues singer/songwriter Cee Cee James has joined forces with the National Alliance to End Veteran Suicide, for an all ages show, taking place at Kennydale Hall, on September 29, 2013, at 3pm. Doors will open at 2pm, allowing attendees a chance to meet with representatives from NA2EVS.

The National Alliance to End Veteran Suicide is made up of a group of concerned individuals and organizations, intent on putting an end to veteran suicide, across the United States. By creating awareness, providing community services to veterans and family members, connecting veterans and their families to much needed resources, creating community projects and mentoring, they’ve become a much needed resource to all veterans, returning from active duty, and their families.

Cee Cee James is a 20 year veteran in the music world. Having released four albums, toured nationally and internationally, and winning many accolades for her work, including her recent nomination from Blues Blast Magazine for Song of the Year, she feels passionate about giving back to our brave men and women, who’ve served in the armed forces. She will perform a set of her original music and she’ll be offering her merchandise, as a prize for those who participate in the event raffle. To preview her material, visit www.ceeceejames.com. Opening for Cee Cee James will be local Seattle musicians Christopher Brant Anderson and Secret Lee. Speakers will include representatives from the National Alliance to End Veteran Suicide.

Food and refreshments, merchandise, and a raffle with prizes will all be part of the event, with proceeds going to the NA2EVS.

Doors open at 2pm, allowing attendees to meet with and speak to representatives of the NA2EVS. Showtime begins at 3pm. Suggested donation for entry into the event is $15, at the door.

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