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thanks everyone. 11/15/14

Last night we sold one metric shit ton of our new cd. Thank you so much to everyone that came out and bought one. Now it's time to expand our reach to different parts of Florida and hopefully the world. Get ready.

Booking California Tour

We're in the process of booking our west coast tour to California and back in June 2013.

Hoping to spend a week in California bouncing around LA, San Diego & San Francisco and then hit up any spots we can on the way there and on the way back.

Bleeding Money update.

Recording june 22nd. three song demo.

Show. July 8th in Lakeland. evolution records. bad ass lookin place.

thats your up date. BM

update. All ten of you that will look at this. our blog has been changed.

Hey Everyone in blog land. Shelton here. This is an update on the going ons of the last and next few months.. SHOWS. We have shows. march 18th at corkys in Port Charlotte. April 2nd at the Fubar in St. Pete.April 23rd at pastimes pub in Sarasota And May 27th at the Monterey Club in Ft. Lauderdale FL. Thank fucking god. We we're feeling a bit worthless there for a bit. The five new songs needed to play a live show are totally complete. Going into the studio soon to record "satanic panic," "my blood is doomed", and "From anger to empowerment" Still looking For places to play in Florida. Any venue info or booking info will be rewarded with hookers and crack.(we cant back that up) thats all the promo info. As a band Bleeding Money is diving into some fun shit musically. Things that are pushing our limits, hurting our joints and limbs, and shit that makes us feel good about practicing it. We now have thrown another Cab on both Amps and have full stacks for both guitars. Cool huh? Always wanted to play through a stack. Bass stack coming soon. Spencer ended up being a bad ass on the bass. We think its cause hes got big hands.(ladies) Mikes trying to find some cheap triggers for his drums and Greg....well putting it mildly if rock and roll was a monkey Greg would be KING fucking KONG. Watch this guy. really. There have been talks of touring to California in August and (if things go good) trying to play over seas by next summer. Figure go big or go home, eh? Big Amps, Big tours, Big sound. And remember.....Its all about the Money. Shelton

New Look / New Name

So a lot of people are probably wondering what happened to the name Elysium? Well, our band has gone through a major overhaul in the last few months allowing us to shed some dead skin and really focus on the direction we want to push ourselves in. It was a great run as Elysium and after 10 years I think we can all say we've really grown to love that name but with our new direction we wanted a band name that fit our style and sound much better. So we came up with Bleeding Money. We're still keeping a bunch of the songs from Elysium, so the music will still sound the same as it has for the last 10 years - it will just sound BETTER! We're making a few line-up changes and adding a kick ass guitarist Greg Hartley into the mix. Our first show as a new band will be October 9th in Sarasota so if you're able to make the drive, or are around that area we'd love to introduce our new lineup to you. We'll have new shirts by that show also, so if you want to get the first Bleeding Money shirt you'll have to go to Sarasota!!

Oil Spill Relief Effort Coming Soon

Thanks to everyon for your continued support! We appreciate it! We're in the process of planning a Gulf Coast Oil Relief Benefit Show. We'll let everyone know as soon as the details are set in stone but we're really looking forward to a chance to give back to the community that has supported us for so long!


Hey everyone thanks for your support. We are looking forward to putting together another tour in the next few months and are currently working on sending our demo around.