Free Picks and Stickers

Start Rawking out to Ragencobra, and get the new pick, and a couple stickers. Start Now! I can see how many plays. I'll leave a lyrical line, and whoever emails with answer wins. 5 Winners


Ragencobra is back in Production. A few of my older friends decided to help get this off the ground. I got a killer drummer named Chris. John Fleming is on the bass.

Jeff Ragencobra - Guitarist Heads to Hawk

I will be a part of a band out of CircleVille. You can check them out, right now some rough demos, but were building.

See ya soon

D/L The Whole First Cd Soon

I will be putting Tales of The Majic Sack up for a Free D/L. This started and led to Ragencobra later down the Road. Most of the tunes on it are still well liked and played live,


Anyone wanting to pursue Ragencobra and Join, Email now. Looking for Drummer, bassist, and singer

New Bass Player

Ragencobra welcomes a Great bass player that will be on the Vengeance Cd and I can't wait to work with Him. Johnny White! He was part of a band I started in 2007. I went back and formed SukuS. We are now working together


Ragencobra will embark on shows beginning October. Looking for some High profile shows!

2 Levels of Deceit can be Purchased Now

You can purchase the new Cd at Itunes, Amazon Music, or Tunecore. You can also purchase it at www.ragencobra.com for the entire Cd, cover art and all for 5.00 plus shipping. Get it Now

Street Teamers Push The Cobra Machine

Ragencobra is always looking to the push from fans!Soooo Ragencobra has decided to reward there street teamers and email will be sent to all of them and Ragencobra will need addresses to send out a couple stickers and a pick. Just a little thanks for helping! Push the 3 D/ls plus all cds from SukuS are now 2.00 pick them up at www.ragencobra.com

Keep Ragen on

Get Ragenized

2 Levels of Deceit

The album is progressing nicely. Looks like we have enough material to actually put out another album by end of year or ealy 2012. Now that spring is here we need everyone to start coming out to our shows. Spread the word so we can get into a venue near you. ROCK ON !!!! :-)