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Benyaro @ Sundance Film Festival 2012

Benyaro is THRILLED to announce 4 showcases at this year's Sundance Film Festival!

The info follows...hope to see you soon.

Benyaro @ Fatali Gallery Friday, January 20 5-5:30 PM 556 Main Street http://www.fatali.com/

Benyaro @ Flanagan's Saturday, January 21 7-8 PM 438 Main Street http://www.flanagansonmain.com/

Benyaro @ Alive Green Expo Ben Musser solo Sunday, January 22 4 PM 614 Main Street (2nd Floor)

Benyaro @ Koffeehouse Chateau Showcase Sunday, January 22 TBD

Tour recap - week 1!

"Hey it's good to be back home again." -John Denver

Just had a great group of shows out in the Pacific NW, probably the best set of shows we've had. Of course certain towns in the summer are sleepy; Eugene, OR - Eureka/Arcata, CA - but we'll excuse them and try them in the fall or spring when people are in town. Links to people, venues, etc. mentioned in the blog will appear at the bottom of the page so be sure to scroll down and check out anything that sounds interesting.

Week 1 rolled out in Washington - July 13-16...

They were still trying to get to summertime when we passed through. I hope they found the sunshine in their sky by late July. Compared to the intense heat that was being reported in the east this week, I would have to say we were more than happy to be near rainy the Puget Sound during this time.

Gig Harbor was quaint and a bunch of fans made it out for our Wednesday appearance there. It was a warm up gig and helped us get back into our routine. I believe there is a "photo-synth" photo posted on our wall from the night.

The next night was spent in Tacoma, where we had never performed before. We had the pleasure of meeting some other touring bands whom we were about to play with (which always makes for an interesting draw scenario) as well as 1 local band. Keeley Valentino and Whitney Nicole opened the night (from San Francisco) doing songs solo as well as backing each other up. Aspiring singer/songwriters. Keep an eye out for them out west.

Nathaniel Talbot Trio played next, surprising us with a great set. The band is out of Portland, OR though we were saddened to hear they don't play together often. They should play more. We liked them and hope to share the stage with them again sometime.

After Benyaro broke hearts and bruised egos with their set, the locals took to the stage.

It was Apricot and the Beginners laying down some fancy pants indie keyboard pop music that was quite entertaining. Enjoyed hanging with Claire, Apricot's front woman. :)

All in all a fun night at the New Frontier Lounge.


Seattle with Yogoman Burning Band.

Damn that was fun! We are huge fans of Yogoman Burning Band and look forward to billing with them more in the future. Be sure to check them out. Groove and soul music...

That show was at the Owl n' Thistle and it was just the 2 of us bands by design.

Great crew came out but next time we will probably opt to be at a different venue though the folks at Owl N' Thistle were very cool.

Oh yeah, and Brett Dennen happened to be there at our set.....(((((((pause)))))))

He came up to me and starting chatting after our show as I was trying to tear down our gear. I was kind of distracted and didn't realize it was Brett Dennen. In fact I was probably a dick to him. Sorry Brett! Once we had cleared the stage, though, I resumed chatting with Brett and the ladies he was with and realized what was happening. He was in town to perform at a Surfrider Foundation beach cleanup. Barefoot Wines was also helping to sponsor. Anywho, his performance was the next night which we missed because we had to perform in Walla Walla...damn. So, we gave Brett our CDs and wished him well. Very cool guy and great music too.

Bobby rocked out on some vegan donuts the next day. I didn't get any. :(

Saturday - The drive to Walla Walla has always been beautiful and we even tried a new route through Yakima. Not sure about Yakima but the drive was still great. And it is always raining when you cross the Cascades in July. ALWAYS.

We had a great show at Sapolil Cellars in Walla Walla. They like us there and we like them. If you ever go through Walla Walla stop by for some fun and the best music Walla Walla has to offer. The wine also kicks ass though I don't think I had a glass this visit. Wine messes with my sinuses and I'm not hip to that while on the road.

Benyaro summer tour - week 2 - IDAHO with The Stone Foxes and Anders Osborne...

Hey friends,

Hope you got to check out where we'll be week 1. Refer to previous note if not.

WEEK 2...(all show info is below so please scroll down)

We'll be doing 2 shows with San Francisco's up and coming swampy blues-rock band, The Stone Foxes and 2 shows with New Orleans' deep-blues slide guitar playin', rugged, soulful singin' Anders Osborne.

Please do yourselves a favor and check them out!

The Stone Foxes - http://www.reverbnation.com/thestonefoxes

Anders Osborne - http://www.reverbnation.com/andersosborne

Also, hitting Portland, OR with Americana folk rockers, The Harmed Brothers (Eugene, OR)...


...any finally ending the week with a show in the ever eerie town of Astoria, OR. Info is below!

Thanks for spreading the word.

Benyaro @ The Reef

w/ The Stone Foxes

Boise, ID

Tuesday, July 19

Time TBA ~ $7



@ Flipside Lounge

w/ The Stone Foxes

Pocatello, ID

Wednesday, July 20

8:30 PM ~ $5



@ Music on Main

w/ Anders Osborne

Victor, ID

Thursday, July 21




@ Whiskey Jacques

w/ Anders Osborne

Ketchum, ID

Friday, July 22

10 PM ~ $12


@ Alberta St. Pub

w/ The Harmed Brothers, McDougall, The Calamity Cubes

Portland, OR

Saturday, July 23

6:30 PM ~ $7




@ The Voodoo Room

Astoria, OR

Sunday, July 24



New Benyaro pics by Adam Lerner

Howdy friends,

It's 46 and rainy here in Wyoming and a squirrel ate through our stove vent to get into the house last night. I just woke up and let him back into the real world. It's the wild west out here.

Just thought I'd share...

The real reason for this blog/note: Some of you may have already noticed, but I wanted to make it official....

We have some new photos to share with you courtesy of the talented Adam Lerner!


Leave comments so we know you are checking them out.

Also, please take note of the amazing contemporary, minimalist art of Mary Obering in the backgrounds of "The Studio" and "The Library", respectively.

To check out more of Mary's work - http://www.maryobering.com/

Thanks to both Adam and Mary for making this new batch of photos so unique.

Thank you, for reading...


Benyaro Summer Tour 2011 - week 1 - Seattle, Tacoma, Walla Wallla...

Ladies and gents,

We strike the beautiful Pacific Northwest first this summer.

Mark your calendars and start spreading the word, please, and help us have a great show. Maybe so great, someone will get naked. That has happened before. It's okay if it happens again.

Here are the show infos for Wed, July 13 till Sunday, July 17 -

Tides Tavern

Gig Harbor, WA

Wednesday, July 13



New Frontier Lounge

w/ Apricot and the Beginners, and Reef Encounter

Tacoma, WA

Thursday, July 14

9 PM ~ $5


Owl n' Thistle

w/ Yogoman Burning Band

Seattle, WA

Friday, July 15

9 PM ~ $5



Sapolil Cellars

Walla Walla, WA

Saturday, July 16

8-11 PM ~ $5


(Spokane sucks)

John's Alley

Moscow, ID

Sunday, July 17

9:30 PM ~ $4


We hope to see you there, and yes, please tell your friends. Actually, get aggressive with them.

Thanks and stayed tuned for the following weeks' dates, including a show or two with Anders Osborne. You might hear him on Sirius/XM's "Jam On" or just know him from the New Orleans scene. He gets into it...

Anders rockin' out - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=baV94deHwAU&feature=related



Relix magazine's "On the Verge" featuring BENYARO in Jan/Feb 2011 issue

please head to http://tinyurl.com/2e3uh32 to see the blog entry. BENYARO

Show at Wake Forest University this past weekend

Ladies and gents,

This past weekend, our friends at WAKE Radio (http://radio.wfu.edu/) hosted us at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, NC. We performed at the campus bar/restaurant called Shorty's and were treated like kings.

Thanks to all of you who promoted the show, wrote about us, spun our music, and showed up with energy at the show. It was beautiful. http://oldgoldandblack.com/?p=11874

You guys are the best down there, and we can't wait to be back to perform for you all this spring. Maybe we should start saying Winston is our hometown crowd? Thoughts?

Thank you for spreading the word about Benyaro's music everywhere you go. Every time you fill up at the gas station, yell to the person on the other side of the pump, "hey man, you should check out Benyaro!". Or in a public bathroom stall... anywhere. Thank you.

I will post a video from that night, "New Orleans", a song by our great friend Mr. Scott Claassen that appears on Good Day Better, our new album. BTW, one can purchase Good Day Better online now - http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/benyaro2

We'll be seeing you...B

Fall shows on east coast - release of "Live @ The Walnut Room" bootleg on iTunes

Hey Kids, I have not blogged in a while but apparently you all are reading this shit so...

we are pumped to get out on the road for a few great shows this month, hitting up colleges, prep schools, and traditional venues as well. please spread the word to all your friends in who are in the towns we'll hit. Just take a look at our schedule here on our myspace pagina.

Benyaro is excited to announce we'll have T shirts for sale at these shows! T shirts are American Apparel and are $20 unless purchased with a CD and special discounts apply. We will have T shirts available for mail order soon.

Also, we are releasing a bootleg live EP from our performance in Denver, CO this summer. The bootleg will be available on iTunes thanks to The Walnut Room.

thank you all for your support and good night. ~B