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Hey whats up! Thanks to everyone @ The Kimo's gig it was EPIC! So much fun. We are looking forward to our Mevio.com performance on Friday and also our meeting with Chad. He is a potential management candidate for Mirros and he is a bad ass kid!

Rainy Day

Whats up!It's a rainy depressing day in SF..oh well. We are really looking forward to the next run of shows her in the bay area they are gonna be sick! We are still working on new songs for the record we plan to record @ Castle Ultimate in Fremont in SEP...Keep your ear out for us


Mirros Blog (Inside)

This is the first blog for Mirros on Reverbnation! This sight is dope! Well we banged out the foundations of a new song last night at the studio, no name for it yet though. Me and Doug decided to smoke and watch the best show ever called prison break..I think we logged like 10 episodes so far today lol. He is cracked out on a cleaning spree of his studio right now so I can't move say but my fingers on this keypad. I'm hungry I feel like some Thai food. I will update this as often as I can. We are closing in on the recording date for the new record..we are thinking to title it Love, Fire Defense...any ideas?

Peace Out-Nico