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Fletch's old band Stage B will be playing a one off gig as part of the Harp Bar Reunion at The Black Box Belfast on September 8th 2012.

Why Do Chicks Dig Vampires?

That is the question and one of the new songs we hope to record in the next few months. Answers on a postcard to......

2nd EP recorded ready for release in the next few months

2nd EP recorded as yet untitled.

Songs - Super Tweed and The Denim Boys (I'm Into You) Hadron Collider Plastic Fantastic? Believel

Recording for second EP release

Today we start recording our second as untitled EP. Songs being recorded over the weekend include Super Tweed and The Denim Boys, (I'm Into You) Hadron Collider and Drastic Plastic.....

Record Store Day 21/4/2012 release

Stop Stop Start Again will be on a Time To Be Proud Record Store Day Release with The Dollybyrds, The Sabrejets and Kamikids. This is a limited edition release.

Very Special Limited Edition Recording

Stop Stop Start Again have been very busy of late they have a few shows coming up with The Defects and more in the offing awaiting to be finalised. Once confirmed will be put up on site. New songs arranged and debuted at forthcoming gigs - "Stop Stop Start Again", "Better Days", Saturday Night", "Angeline" - also a few suprise covers.

We are also in the process of recording the above but before any of the new stuff will be released - a Stage B tribute limited Edition tribute CD will be released. This is planned for April.

More to follow.....

New Material in the making

Following from the success of "Serge" , we are putting together 2 or 3 new songs for the next gig. Provisional Titles which may change as the songs evolve - "Stop! Stop! Start Again...","Deadbeat Generation X", "Angeline and Sebastian", "Saturday Night", "Better Days", "Lord Help Us".Hopefully we can get one or two demo's up on the site soon.

Recording New Songs

Last 3 gigs have been a blast - we are taking a break to finish writing more songs. Our newest song "Serge" has been going down well at the gigs so now is the time to get it down and recorded for next year. Next gig will be 23rd December in The Black Box .

Rehearsals Rehearsals Rehearsals!!!

Rehearsals going along nicely for the gig on the 25th September. We will have 2 to 3 new songs for you to listen to as well as some old favourites which have not been played in ages.

The odd Cover will be thrown in to keep you amused.

The gig on the 7th October is part of the Terri Hooley Book launch for Hooligan so we will only be playing one or two songs.