Flops are part of life’s menu. Everyone makes mistakes. High achievers learn by their mistakes. By doing that, an error becomes the raw material out of which future successes are forged. Failure is not a crime. Failure to learn from failure is. If you have made mistakes, even serious ones, there is always another chance for you. What we call failure is not falling down, but the staying down.So remember to STAY UP


Dream big, Dream long, take the time to dream up the dreamiest of dreams but dont forget to wake and make them real.

Stay Down

In the hood people use the term " staying down all the time" which has a couple different meaning. One meaning to stick with a particular plan/idea/hustle until it pops off for you. There are a few others but thats how i'm using it . When you talk about the music game its a jungle. Everyones not cut out for the Jungle but i am. Its alot of money but its harder work than it seems. Some cant get it done, the pressure to produce hot songs becomes to much and they slowly give in and quit. BUT not ya boi, Thats becuz no matter what it is in life if you want it hard enough all you have to do "stay down"


Tempo has a role in the world we live in. Moving at the right tempo or doing things at the right tempo can be a plus. Make sure you stay on beat with your goals in life. Check and make sure that whatever it is that you want to do your going at the right tempo to make it happen. I just felt like saying that. It was in my mind.


The word honest is defined as being free from fraud or deception : legitimate, truthful. In the music industry above all else you have to be honest with yourself. You have to think about all of the hard work and effort that it takes to be successful. You have to ask yourself if you honestly are prepared to put in the hours of writing the hours of recording and the hours of performing. On top of that you also have to log in time for networking and other functions. You have to honestly ask yourself are you ready to work with others and are you ready for the constructive criticism that sometimes comes up when trying to finalize projects. Truth be told if you cant answer yes to all those questions.... You have to really think about the level of commitment that's being put into your craft.


Does your brand have the quality that renders it desirable, useful, or valuable There is no shortage in the music industry of this era. Thanks to the internet artist are able to reach consumers that ten years ago might have been difficult to reach. In today's market one must understand value. The value that you have as an artist as well as the value your product holds to your fans. Understanding this value will help you better promote and market your product. Do the research that is needed to put yourself in a better position as an artist. Who are your core consumers and what do they want from you. How do you plan to target those fans as well as pull in new ones outside of that circle. There are also questions related to merchandise and the advertisement of those products.


Live by what you believe so that your life blossoms. When you think one way and act another you are inviting misery upon yourself. Sometimes we as people have to let everything go. You have to completely purge yourself. If you are unhappy with anything, whatever or whomever it may be that is bringing you down get rid of it. Once you are able to make that sacrifice for yourself you will find that you are free. From that freedom your true creativity and true self will rise.


Many of the short and long-term goals we wish to accomplish in life are achievable. They require focus and commitment. A total commitment is paramount to reaching maximum levels of performance. In my history, dealing with people of all ages ethnicity and backgrounds. The trouble with most of us is that our demands upon ourselves are so feeble, the call upon the greatness within of us is so weak and intermittent that it makes no impression on the creative sector of the brain. Basically at the end of the day it lacks the force that it needs to transform desires into realities. Commitment is the difference between having just a simple idea or actually taking the necessary steps to see the thought pushed to its farthest potential.

Business Minded

Leaders instill in their people a hope for success and a belief in themselves. Positive leaders empower people to accomplish their goals. They don't wait or stand by and watch from the side. They shape their own frontiers. The bigger the challenge, the greater the opportunity. If you do not look at things on a large scale, it will be difficult to master strategy. We all know that without a proper strategy a diligent effort could still fall short.


Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end. Motivation is what gets you started but its habit that keeps you going. The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you wanna go and you are not going to stay where you are. The beginning is the most important part of the work, it allows you to carefully put things into perspective. Lets Start