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Aurora Now Up

I rearranged the playlist so that all the Aurora songs are at the bottom(except one-Neutron Star Compression) are at the bottom(after Wasted Time) so you can get the complete album experience, the tracklisting is 1.Aurora 2.Reflections Of Space 3.Letting Go 4.Sink Into The Flesh 5.The Divine Curse 6.Solace 7.Fallen Stars 8.Traversing Through The Night 9.Pulsar 10.Alive For Another Day 11.Lost In Thought(The Last One)

Semi New Music Release

Due to Reverbnation taking down my Aurora Album last year I think it is time for you guys to have it back. So I will be up loading each track one by one the whole album this week and next. a little treat for you guys. It's all instrumental and different then some of my other music. Mainly classical piano mixed in with some varying electronic vibes and beats. I hope you like and wait no LOVE it as much as I do. SO cheers. ~H

bmorgan  (over 2 years ago)

thank you so much! ☮

bmorgan  (over 2 years ago)

thank you! ☮

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My blog on Wordpress please check it out!

If you have never read any of my blog entries on wordpress, PLEASE, I encourage you to do so. Some entries are there to help those that might struggle with similar issues that I have. And some or just for fun. Please take the time to read and share! Also leave me comments and let me know what you think OR if there is a topic that you would like me to cover/explore please leave me comments! Thank you SO much for all your support! xox http://heathermereblog.wordpress.com/

Looking for New guitarist - local!

NOTICE: looking for a guitarist(in my area) to do some collaborations. Something rock, alternative, Hard rock can also be acoustic yadda yadda yadda. If you don't know my work go to the link below. but I want something new and NOT my own songs. Love ya

Featured Songs from Aurora Note.

This week I'm rotating songs in and out of my playlist from my new album Aurora. Right now you can listen to tracks "Sink Into The Flesh" and "Letting Go" in their entirety. All tracks that will be featured will be part of the charity "Half The Sky" http://www.halftheskymovement.org When you purchase one of these fine downloads half of the purchase price will help this charity do great things. Rock the support! \m/\m/ ~H