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Ex Nihilo

I replaced the version of "Ex Nihilo" where I sing, with the version sung by Stephanie Goulet, a great singer who is now doing well professionally.

Joes in Jail

I became increasingly discontented, and finally did new vocals for "Joe's in Jail" (which is a reference to the Prophet Amos, 6:6 - the ruin of Joseph, plus some personal circumstances).


I notice a lot of people become fans, but have not even listened to a single song, or even visited. If someone bothers to listen, and I see this, I will do likewise. Otherwise, this "fan" stuff is bogus. So: you listen, then I will listen. As far as I remember, I have never fanned someone without listening at least to one track.

I'm Back Listening

Last several days I've been grappling with technology. I found "Reaper", which lets me do loop recording (several takes, pick the best one later). I recorded "No Fly List" using that new tech. It's also been hot, and I have not been listening to my favorite artists so much. But now I'm back. Listening while I do my regular work.


Put goldfish in the rainbarrel to eat hatchling mosquitoes. Basically an act of compassion, because these were "feeder fish". My big project right now is figuring out the "Gayane Adagio" by Katchaturian -- it was the slow classical piece on "2001-a space odyssey". Two melody lines at the most. I get through by sheer will-power about 4 or 5 bars a day. Next up, to do my own renditions of songs by some of my buddies here on reverbnation. Because the songs got under my skin and speak to me. I am not a pro musician, but once in a while they give me a sandwich, a shot of liquor, or a kind comment when I play. I MC for an open mic at the NEWS CAFE on Friday nights: 3463 Portage Road, Niagara Falls, Ontario. Everybody who comes can sign up and play 3 pieces, or tell 10 minutes of jokes, or whatever. And the food and coffee and lemonade is great. I made a little video to show and tell (the second one at present). I am a translator, work at home, and listen to Reverbnation for hours while I work. I listen only to stuff I like, but I do check whose listening to make sure (if I like it) that I reciprocate. Thanks for the support of all you many listeners!


Homer was a rapper with a flow that exceeded All the later worser loser wannabe rappers He could string a thought along without losing rhythm telling stories without written notepads to steer him He could rhap for weeks, and rhapsodes strove to repeat him Homer certainly had no taste for magical mushrooms Blind as he was, he could not win his glory in warfare There must have been battles of rhapsodes, Homer's the winner Winning glory just as great as King Agamemnon