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Our Acoustic show

We have a new RN site for the 2 piece Acoustic show at www.reverbnation.com/robdavis54 ...Less confusing for venues that want to book Ashbury (Rock Band)...and those wanting to book the Acoustic show. If you're looking for our Acoustic music, please check it out. Thanks!

Don't support Reverbnation

We appreciate our friendships with Artists/Bands on this site---but are very disappointed with this corrupt, predatory and manipulating Reverbnation. We make a living as musicians, international distribution and worldwide sales. Yet RN plays games with so-called "rankings" which are completely illegitimate. If RN can't consider REAL accomplishments and sales, but base rankings only on their own BS....then we denounce this site as the pure nonsense that it is. We are playing major concert Festivals in the U.S. this year and in several countries in Europe also...how can anyone with no professional presence or who has never done a show outside their own city have a "Global" ranking??? RN press kits are just a scam for this corporation to steal money...we know for a fact that many of their "offers" to "submit" your RN press kit to be considered for a gig are not even open to bands outside of the city in which they are taking place. Stop paying this company for scams, including FanReach Pro e-mail---of which the majority sent are never even opened!!! Please do not join our mailing list, as we exceeded the limit of 500 long ago. We are 283 over the 500 limit and will not purchase Fan Reach Pro- which RN REQUIRES once you are over 500 subscribers! As Rick Frost said before he left RN..."anyone can buy FB fans, Twitter followers and song plays"...... many "rankings" here are bought and paid for----which makes them ALL meaningless! Many artists become a "fan" just to try and gain one in return---twitter followers too--not really interested in anything except increasing their own fans and followers---doesn't anyone else see something wrong with that--lol!! The general public doesn't use RN for sharing and promoting music on the internet...they use YOUTUBE....RN is an artist community which support each other, but that helps very little in reaching the public ---they're the ones who buy tickets for shows and CDs and merchandise. RN is interested in stuffing their own pockets from the aspirations of unsigned musicians. The SINCERE artists here are wonderful (not those who "fan" thousands of others just to increase their own fan numbers and rankings), but those who actually look to find great music and REALLY listen---those are the Artists that we respect...meanwhile, RN the corporation itself is poison. We invite you to listen on Spotify https://play.spotify.com/artist/1olZcNG9rq4RGVVd69Tj4e

Frankie O'Rourke
Frankie O'Rourke  (over 5 years ago)

Well said guys, they are building in their own demise like Myspace, very misguided direction with poorly thought out changes and designs. The new rating system is just out of whack, I can make no sense of it. Good luck to you!!!

Unbred  (over 5 years ago)

the RANKINGS are RANK...I mean I have NOT found a Drummer or Bassist in the 8 years I have been trying, and thus why I put my unfinished tunes in here, to find LIKE MINDS TO JOIN TO MAKE EM COMPLETE...instead I got hated for RANKING at #2 in Metal in a town where METAL is not really much ALLOWED...so it's really confusing WHOSE LISTENING and WHY ARE THERE NO AVAIL. MUSICIANS. Hey I WILL ALWAYS LISTEN TO ASHBURY SINCE FINDING YOU HERE THOUGH...so there is THAT. At least I get to find great art like YOURS. SEE YOU ON THE TUBE! OR Fan Forever!

Seven Days
Seven Days  (over 5 years ago)

I SO AGREE!! None of this ranking makes any sense, and like you say - Youtube is the place. This site is good for storing your songs and that's it!!

Delaney Simpson
Delaney Simpson  (about 5 years ago)

You are absolutely correct on all points. In fact when RN made their "Big Change"...about the same time I dropped my RPK here, I took a drastic drop in rating numbers overnight.
One main reason to stay? To find great artists (like you) and others I've discovered and made friends with, booked other shows with and have picked up a few interviews.
In fact, when I contacted RN questioning their "numbers" and sending the proof, I received a very snooty response that actually told me "If I didn't 'take advantage' of the 'tools' they had for sale..then "Too Bad!"
I will stay..but only because of artists and awesome people like you.

kloudworks  (about 5 years ago)

Have never used RN beyond the free edition and would hardly pay for anything for the reasons you mention. Being on the hobbyist side myself lets me see things slightly different though I absolutely understand your point of view. ~ kappi

Steve Bello
Steve Bello  (over 2 years ago)

I enjoy RN but yes, there are a lot of scams on here that I don't like. Musicians work hard enough as it is to get exposure and also get taken advantage of along the way. Anyone can buy "likes" for their FB page or what have you, but the cream always rises to the top. The rating system on here is definitely suspect, as I was "#1" for a grand total of a day. Just a bunch of hogwash.

Youtube views

Thanks to all our Fans who have posted Ashbury songs on Youtube...we collectively have well over 700,000 total views. We invite you to listen on Spotify https://play.spotify.com/artist/1olZcNG9rq4RGVVd69Tj4e

Ashbury performances in 2017

Just back from our show at KITXX in Germany, sold out with 3,700 in attendance. Next month in NYC and Ventura in October. Thanks to all.

Rock Band/Acoustic Duo

Yes, we are "old-timers", our debut album released on vinyl in '83, but ithe CD is still the #1 seller for our label in Hard Rock & Heavy Metal...we also have a soft Acoustic underbelly for music of different genres which you will find farther down on our Roster of songs.....