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She Didn't Mean To Start a Revolution: Sahedra Amen

YM: Where are you from?

SA: I was born and raised in Bessemer, Alabama

YM: I love your style, it's jazzy, soulful and very unique. How did singing and writing make an introduction into your life?

SA: I could never remember a time in my life that I did not sing. Even in elementary school my family members would make me imitate other well known artist and watch in amazement. I wrote my first song, "Sunshine City World" when I was about nine years old. I had to write and sing because I needed some kind of outlet to live.

YM: The title of your eBook and album is "I Didn't Mean to Start a Revolution", how did you come up with that title?

SA: Ohhh, someone did their homework, impressive! I'm a revolutionary and my words pierce the soul and tell untold truths. The same untold truths that has started a revolutions, changed laws and saved lives. The title was so heavy that I had to give the name to the book and the album because it spoke volumes. But “I Didn't Mean to Start a Revolution" I just wrote, spoke and sung the truth inside of me. Okay! I was being sarcastic someone had to start a revolution and I found out one already lived in me!

YM: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

AC: In the next ten years I see myself as an artist/activist with worldwide notoriety on both social and musical plains.

YM: Who are your influences?

AC: Can I say what and who? Several things influenced my art and writing such as cinema, music and books. First I'll say Poetic Justice (This movie made me remember that writing is my outlet. I finally saw someone just like me, the character Justice, that created great sentences in her head but now I knew to write them down in a special place just for me.) , The Bluest Eye (Tony Morrison this book changed my life), Maya Angelo, Nikki Giovanna, Stevie Wonder, Betty Carter and Bob Marley.

YM: Any inspirational words for the YUR Magazine readers?

AC: You live in and through other people’s dreams daily. Why can't you make your dreams a reality, do the work, stop just existing, and LIVE! This interview was my inspiration and it touched apart of my soul where the little girl (you know the one who really wrote all this stuff) still lives in me, Thanks Sis!