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New Scarlet INside album

Just posted on Reverbnation a couple of teaser tracks (just a couple of minutes of each). from the new Scarlet INside album https://scarletinside.bandcamp.com/album/thirty-rivers-to-cross


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new members

new members, new music, new tour, new album. same old story


It's all gone quiet on the Western front...how about some new fans?


fascinating watching us slipping down the reverbnation charts.

EP Tour

Currently playing/performing material from the newly completed EP 'The FAll'. EP available as CD or as download


currently recording four tracks for a 4 track EP. 'The Fall' 'Dungeons and Fishtails' 'The simple machine, kills the florid idea' 'Four Over'. should be ready in a few weeks time.

Tri oomph

Working with Gary and Craig in developing a good sound and the right set up for the band. the music is sounding good and the vibe is right. will be working on laying down the backing tracks for the new material soon then we can get some work done on recording and releasing the new material. gigging constantly in order to get the band as tight as possible.


currently in the studio putting togther some acoustic+ tracks for maybe an EP release. also have offers of other studio projects for more experimental and electronica/rock material. currently reherasing my arse off for a full multi instrumental act but short of some equipment.


getting caught between just doing a single, focussed set of material and continuing to develop endless ideas of different types of styles, etc... I enjoy the challenge of different material for different gigs but, but...is it the right way to go? anyway next gig at Gallus is hopefully going to include violin (that's the least likely) didgeridoo (definitley) and maybe one or two other bits and pieces as an ensemble performance...