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The Follow Up For Next Year

This year I did a lot of falling off and I barely even finished my EP yet. It's been a hectic year where I haven't had much time to focus and I'm basically still doing music on my own. Tricky as that may be I'm still putting my foot forward and progressing with a lot of writing I've been doing. During this time, I need fans help not because I wish to be famous, but I wish to get my name noticed as "that weird emcee guy who talks about video games and movies and stuff in his songs". All in all, hell, I'll settle for aiming to be like Childish Gambino or Kid Cudi (laughs). My life is going up and only up. I thank you for the support and still encourage you to send out my music to people who need another "weird rapper" out there. Even though I don't consider myself as just a rapper but more "alternative hip hop artist". Anyway let me go back to listening to some Blink-182 and Nickelback. Thanks again! See you next year.

Hard Times, Cold Days, Still Sane

A matter of prejudice seems to enter my day-to-day lifestyle. It might just be because all trials are faced when you're young that way the wisdom will fully surface. The life I live may not look like anything to one person but I can still push through these harsh days and keep myself moving on. If there's one thing I love about being myself is that my attitude is my attitude. If I ever wanted to change for someone else, then it would have to be a person who truly cares for my well being. Besides all the hypocrisy I've faced, I'm thinking along the lines of a wiser man and keeping my sanity to myself while others visually witness another me.


People find the false answers in anything they hear. I think they forgot how to listen and keep themselves in a life of patience. Let them say what they want. The future has the ability to listen. We don't falter unless we feel we will and we never surrender unless we wish to. Take a moment and listen or better said by the words Das Racist SHUT UP!


Life is real as we make it out to be. Positive, Negative, Ups and downs that come into the affect of how we perceive things. No matter what we say we're going to do, we, the human race tend to do the opposite. A fine and interesting factor about humans is our capacity to live as we dictate and under no rules as the times were before. On a scale of 1 to 10, how many people do you think are successful with this feat? Its hard to tell in general due to Life's hard choices that come along. All you can do is keep it Verismo and follow your goals

Life As I Know It

Time's are tough but doesn't mean this mixtape won't drop. If I play this right, I'm gonna have a lot of people who need to be known on my songs for this magic.

A mixtape can also define a person as who they are so I will make sure I do very well to increase the aspects and anticipation people well some have.