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The One-Man show debut is on!

One man, a bunch of instruments & a loop pedal. 3 hours of Rock, Soul, Reggae & more with Shadowbox Inc happens on Thursday, July 31st at Six Rivers in McKinleyville, CA. Really excited about this night!


In addition to playing with Monkey on Jan 31, I am also opening up the night with a very short, 3 song, solo mini-set of my own songs, so be sure to get there early when the doors open at 8pm to catch me!


OK, in addition to the name change, and publishing the Shadowbox Inc FB page(https://www.facebook.com/pages/Shadowbox-Inc/138728459491877), I've made major updates this morning. I've added two new songs to the reverbnation page, updated several old ones with new mixes (and some completely different versions entirely). Lots of new stuff to hear as of 10 minutes ago!


Announcing the new name change! I always knew that using my personal name wouldn't work in the long run because there are MANY other Kevin Millers out there, just in the music industry alone, so I have selected a pseudonym: As of today, the project is called "Shadowbox Inc", which is a pretty good description of my creative process, working with loop pedals, multi-track recording, etc, musically "shadowboxing" with myself.

New Stuff!

I've posted two songs from the new batch of recordings. "Tarnish" and "One & The Same". I hope you enjoy them. Many more new recordings in the works.

New song available!

Check out "Part of Me"(full band version)...just uploaded to my page! It's the first song on my song list.

New songs, new producer, uploads to be announced!

After the mysterious alien abduction of Johnny Gallo, I have a new producer Collaborator: Eric Korbly! We have several new songs in progress, and will be posting songs as they come. Things are going great and I'm excited to share what we've been doing as soon as possible!

Recording the Album

Johnny and I have been hard at work on the album, and it's coming along great but will be a while yet. We are planning, however, to release a short demo featuring a few sneak peaks from the album within the next few weeks. Till then, I just posted a couple of acoustic tunes, and a couple of full band recordings are not far behind.