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New Album Release 2018. Title un-revealed (Smile)

Blessings to all, old n new, past n present.

Dr LK here, the music train is in the station and it's boarding new material, full of passengers seated in the music and songs carriages. A new album will be unleased, released and ready to land in 2018. Containing a mixture of styles that have been bouncing around my head.

I'm the first to say and admit, some of the feedback I get is on a negative vibe, but that does'nt drown the passion and love that I have for what I do and the dreams I live and fulfill. Heart n Soul, it's my life.


So once again, music is life and songs are the air that breathes life into music. A language for all, the genre's are spread widely across the tones and styles we embrace.

I still have a great passion for working with various music producers, the challenge of writing songs to their production tracks and hearing the end project. As I've always claimed my style and the songs I write isn't for all, you either love or hate it, but music is one of lifes pleasures I treasure.

I strongly believe if you have a true passion and love for something in life, then you should pursue it, build and chase after those dreams in life. If you put your heart and soul into it, then that in itself will be a satisfying reward. Don't chase after trying to please others or have others appreciate and love what you do on the same level as you do. If that happens then that's another bonus.

In life, it's not just music and song, but there are many aspects where you can face dissapointment for something you love doing.

Each of the songs and music I put togther, I put my heart, soul and feelings into them, whether the song refers to a personal experience or that of someone else.

This will be my 4th album, and the exciting thing for me is that even I'm not sure what or how the end product will sound. But in these early stages I'm loving the songs that I'm laying down.

Life is out there to live and I'm sure many of you are doing just that. It's so easy in life to be held back, or to make hard sacrifices along the way, but life is life and we have to embrace it.

I hope the new album will reach out to some and you're able to enjoy and relate to it in your own way, in different aspects of your life.

I've also been re-recording some songs that I have pre-released or never released, so may be releasing a little EP in the meantime.

Be sure to link up with my various social media networks to be kept upto date.

Love Music, Love Song, Love life & Love Yourself.

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Bless N Love

Married to Music

Married to Music

Hey to all you that are married to music, no matter your style or preference, music is one aspect of life we stay loyal to.

So, I just wanted to give you all a heads up, that in my music world, I've been, well, not so much re-inventing myself and what I do, but exploring new and different boundaries in music and song, but still staying within the embrace of Dr LK, my music and who I am. Never afraid of taking on a challenge, or taking a leap of faith not knowing where the landing platform may lead me.

I guess in life, that is what life is all about sometimes. Taking that leap of faith, don't or not being afraid of the unkown. To have belief in yourself and never to believe in failure. Set your own life goals and not the ones others may set or expect of you in or from your life.

So, no matter where you are in life, just remember it's your life, your goals, your path. Don't let anyone deter you from the journey you have set out for yourself, so long as it's a positive, moral and soul rewarding one. You are your music in life.

Give thanks and keep the love.

"Judge Not". This ones not about music, but life. Bless

"Judge Not"

The Universe is our home, our God and it's where we belong and wence we came.??

In life, people are afraid of the dark, but it's the dark that shines and shed so much light on our lives and existence. We fear the dark, as much as we fear the unknown.??

Our existence, The Universe, it's our birth-place, our creation. No matter your colour, creed, religion or beliefs, The Universe was here long before us.??Scientist have spent decades trying to understand it and they portray and translate their findings in a way humans can understand and comprehend.

Why, because scientist ARE humans, they are not or don't hold the true answers. Yes, so-called science has given understanding to us, but only because they're human.?? They use terms such as 'light' years away, when discovering planets, solar systems or stars. So like I said, "it's the dark that shines and shed so much LIGHT on our lives and existence".

As humans, can you seriously comprehend The Universe is so vast? Do you seriously think we're the ONLY ones in-habiting The Universe? If so, then we are truly the real freaks of nature.??

The majority of humans are compatriots to the realms of science, but so many still fall to the Kingdom of the Naive.?? We as humans, fear the unknown. And not just what we don't understand about our existence in life, our creation, our meaning and purpose in life. But how many of you have sat a test or exam and not been sure of the answer or not had a clue? Have you not feared the outcome of this???. You may use a different term or word, but it's fear all the same.??

Ok, lets touch on religion and beliefs etc. And for arguments sake I'll use the term 'God'. As no matter what your faith is or where your religion lies, belivers believe in a Higher State, an Entity a Saviour or Saviours. ?? And I will quote "In the beginning, so it shall be in the end".?? Who's to say who's religion or belief, God, Gods, Jah, Allah or Saviour, Saviours, is Gospel? The most important thing is, first, to respect anothers belief, and secondly, to believe and know The Universe came along long before man, it is the Higher State and "So it is written".??

As humans, we put our faith in humans? REALLY? WHY? When humans came along long after the universe was formed.?? We have Politicians, Kings and Queens, Laws and Rules, but who's at the healm of these? Is it not humans??

So as a species, a race, are we not truly weak, as we need to depend on or rely on a few individuals placed in power only to rule, bully and govern the weak??? We class or call ourselves a superior existence? We strive and preach for stability, equalness, respect and love? Yet all we want to do as a nation amongst nations is to destroy each other???

It shouldn't matter if you're black, white, hispanic, caucasian, hindu, muslim, or whatever your beliefs or religion.?? Know this, The Universe started as ONE. Yet here is mankind wanting and determined to bring divide amongst and destroy Mother Earth.?? Excuse the term, but, what has given any of us the God given right or authority to do so??? And I'll end with the simplest yet most powerful message "where is the love"??????

Judge Not.

Trinity Eclipse Records

For all artists and singer songwriters out there. We all know your time is precious, so to keep it short and sweet, if you're looking for a non-exclusive record label deal to raise your music career to the next level, then google Trinity Eclipse Records.

Bless Up All

The past is your future....Your Life.

Whatever you do today, will form the path for your day tomorrow. And whatever you did the day before, would've written your days chapter in life for today.

That is why it's important to live the current day in a way you'd like it to unfold tomorrow. Obviously they'll be the unknown that may change your future path, but it'd still have formed from the past.

Use your past as a learning curve, a tutor, a mentor, a master of wisdom, so to speak. If you ignore the past, how will you ever be in a position to move onto a better future?

Planning ahead is a great mindset to have, but sometimes you have to divert from those plans, and it's knowing when to divert and take another approach. By stubbornly sticking to a plan that has proved time and time again no to work, you'll continue to stall in reaching goals.

There's no such thing as a lucky break, no matter what anyone tells you or you believe.

And I'm not just talking about music, artists and their careers, I'm talking about life. If you don't respect, plan, appreciate and build a foundation that your life's goals can grow on, then it'll never be strong enough to hold the weight of SUCCESS.

The past is your future.....Your Life.

Bless Up

Dr LK on Instagram

Bless Up to all the Massives out there.

Hope you've all been enjoying the extended weekend in a loving, blessed and positive manner.

Just a quick roll out to let you know I'm now hooked up on Instagram finally, under DrLK2534 or link www.instagram.com/drlk2534

Throw me your anchor and we'll hook up if you like.

Bless Up

Sometimes the path you've chosen, changes....

I find this is true time and time again. Whatever you're doing in life, the route or plans you have set out, can change like the wind.

So is the case, so often with me and my music. I'll be going in one direction, in regards to recording, styles and writing a song, then will change and switch to something completely different.

It's like my new single and latest upload on here, "Father Figure", which was produced by Sinima Beats, I had no plans in writing to this beat and recording a song to it. But after listening to the beat, it just unexpectedly happened and this song was the end result.

I guess that's me all over though, Dr LK, changing lanes with my music as quick as the lights can switch.

Another example on my path changing, is an album that has kind of materialised without me even noticing, so to speak. So I will be slipping this new album out in-between the album I've been currently working on. But that's how Dr LK rolls hahaha.

So, whatever your plans and goals are in life, I'm sure you too have experienced unexpected changes, which will prove to be rewarding and positive diversions, so to speak.

Take a listen to my new song "Father Figure" next time you get chance. This single is not planned on being released on any of my next two albums, and only made available as a single.

See what you think and let me know. And also, let me know what you're upto. It doesn't have to be music related either.

Bless Up

"Fourteen 14 Minutes" the new EP from Dr LK

Bless Up, once again all.

Would just like to inform you of the new EP by myself, Dr LK, entitled "Fourteen 14 Minutes", which I have squeezed in between other projects. Just keeping things fresh and ongoing while I work on my next album release.

"Fourteen 14 Minutes", contains 3 tracks :-

1 - Ima Live It 2 - Beautiful You Are 3 - There For You

All tracks have been produced by Allrounda Productions and the hooks are written and performed by the talented Alicia Renee.

Take a listen to the latest installment from me and see what you think.

This EP is currently only available exclusively through Reverbnation.

Blessed Peace, Love and Positive vibes to you all..


New EP "My Room, My Rules" Out Now.

Blessings All, Just throwing a quick heads up your way, to let you know the new EP by me Dr LK, entitled "My Room, My Rules", is now live and available on iTunes/Amazon and various other online retailers. Along with some videos on my Youtube channel. Bless Up

"The Proposal" & "Can It Be"

Bless Up All, Hope your lives are flowing in a positive, focused and concised manner (One Love). Just another quick heads up to let you all know that in preparation for my next album release by me, Dr LK, I've uploaded to exclusive singles to give you a little taste of the flavour that you can expect to digest from my album release in 2015. Also between now and the album release, there's also currently an EP, enititled "My Room, My Rules", that will be live on Itunes and various online retailers within the next couple of weeks. So, in the meantime, take a listen to the exclusvie singles "The Proposal" & "Can It Be", which currently are only available through my Reverbernation profile. Should you like the flavour, then it'd be cool for you to spread the love around and, if you want to go one step further, purchase the songs. A percentage of each sale will be going to a designated charity. Once again, stay focused in your dreams and the goals you'd like to reach. Remember, nothing in life is out of reach. At times you just have to set your grasp/reach that little bit further to take a hold. Bless Up. One Love