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Bless Up to all the Massives out there.

Hope you've all been enjoying the extended weekend in a loving, blessed and positive manner.

Just a quick roll out to let you know I'm now hooked up on Instagram finally, under DrLK2534 or link www.instagram.com/drlk2534

Throw me your anchor and we'll hook up if you like.

Bless Up

Sometimes the path you've chosen, changes....

I find this is true time and time again. Whatever you're doing in life, the route or plans you have set out, can change like the wind.

So is the case, so often with me and my music. I'll be going in one direction, in regards to recording, styles and writing a song, then will change and switch to something completely different.

It's like my new single and latest upload on here, "Father Figure", which was produced by Sinima Beats, I had no plans in writing to this beat and recording a song to it. But after listening to the beat, it just unexpectedly happened and this song was the end result.

I guess that's me all over though, Dr LK, changing lanes with my music as quick as the lights can switch.

Another example on my path changing, is an album that has kind of materialised without me even noticing, so to speak. So I will be slipping this new album out in-between the album I've been currently working on. But that's how Dr LK rolls hahaha.

So, whatever your plans and goals are in life, I'm sure you too have experienced unexpected changes, which will prove to be rewarding and positive diversions, so to speak.

Take a listen to my new song "Father Figure" next time you get chance. This single is not planned on being released on any of my next two albums, and only made available as a single.

See what you think and let me know. And also, let me know what you're upto. It doesn't have to be music related either.

Bless Up

"Fourteen 14 Minutes" the new EP from Dr LK

Bless Up, once again all.

Would just like to inform you of the new EP by myself, Dr LK, entitled "Fourteen 14 Minutes", which I have squeezed in between other projects. Just keeping things fresh and ongoing while I work on my next album release.

"Fourteen 14 Minutes", contains 3 tracks :-

1 - Ima Live It 2 - Beautiful You Are 3 - There For You

All tracks have been produced by Allrounda Productions and the hooks are written and performed by the talented Alicia Renee.

Take a listen to the latest installment from me and see what you think.

This EP is currently only available exclusively through Reverbnation.

Blessed Peace, Love and Positive vibes to you all..


New EP "My Room, My Rules" Out Now.

Blessings All, Just throwing a quick heads up your way, to let you know the new EP by me Dr LK, entitled "My Room, My Rules", is now live and available on iTunes/Amazon and various other online retailers. Along with some videos on my Youtube channel. Bless Up

"The Proposal" & "Can It Be"

Bless Up All, Hope your lives are flowing in a positive, focused and concised manner (One Love). Just another quick heads up to let you all know that in preparation for my next album release by me, Dr LK, I've uploaded to exclusive singles to give you a little taste of the flavour that you can expect to digest from my album release in 2015. Also between now and the album release, there's also currently an EP, enititled "My Room, My Rules", that will be live on Itunes and various online retailers within the next couple of weeks. So, in the meantime, take a listen to the exclusvie singles "The Proposal" & "Can It Be", which currently are only available through my Reverbernation profile. Should you like the flavour, then it'd be cool for you to spread the love around and, if you want to go one step further, purchase the songs. A percentage of each sale will be going to a designated charity. Once again, stay focused in your dreams and the goals you'd like to reach. Remember, nothing in life is out of reach. At times you just have to set your grasp/reach that little bit further to take a hold. Bless Up. One Love

"Nowhere To Hide" Dr LK

Hey all, yo yo yo, what's up, Wah Gwaan, How's Tings, Hello, Bonjour, Hola, Witam, Hallo, GREETINGS. "Nowhere To Hide" Dr LK You know sometimes you take a blast into the past, trawl through the archives of your life etc? Well I had one of these moments recently and was going through some previously recorded and unreleased tracks that I'd done. This one "Nowhere To Hide", I came across many others and thought I'd throw this one up and out there. In our lives, there's many things that we use as markers, so to speak, that will remind us of a certain part of our life and lives. This track/song is available as a free download from here, should anyone wish to do so. I'll also be putting up a Youtube stream of this real soon. The new singles are as good as complete, which I'll be releasing as an EP in preparation for the new album that will be dropping in 2015 sometime. The songs/tracks on the EP are a mix of club tracks, Hip Hop/Rap and the good old relationship patch up kinda track haha. Anyway, they're all a taste of what to expect AND MORE from the upcoming new album from me, Dr LK. So if you like you can sign up to my mailing list or simply follow me on my social network links, which you can find here or on my main website page. You know, and I'm sure you do too, I look back and see as well as hear how things and myself have changed over the years. Our lives are forever taking new directions and coming across new challenges. If I were to ask you "What changes have you noticed the most in your lives over the past 5 years?" What would your answer be? Stay focused, blessed and most of all, keep the belief in yourself. Bless Up One Love

New Material

Yo Crew, Giving you all a heads up and update as to what's flowing in my corner. Got some new styles and projects working on in the pipeline, so will be releasing a few new tracks within the next couple of months. I've just enlisted the services of Publicist/Talent Manager Tamara Khan from Aire Communications, so real exciting about this new working partnership. Hope all is going well in your world of dreams, bringing them into the world of reality. Stay focused n Blessed all.

"Restraint" Available now

Hiya all,

The re-release of Restraint is now live and available for download on various online retailers. You can visit my main website www.lincoln-kennedy.com for more info/links etc.

This year I'll be working more on the promotional sides of things, as well as videos. But obviously I'm sure pen will find paper in-between coffee breaks and pen some new tracks down :).

All the best


Time to Howl Control - New Club Single

Heya all,

Just another heads up from Dr LK's corner. I've just uploaded a fresh new club track "Time to Howl Control", where you can be one of the first to hear this single.

Now this track is going to be squeezed and placed on the album "Less Chatter, More Torque", which is being re-released soon after some slight re-vamping. Take a listen and see what you think crew.

All the best.


Musicians/Singers/Songwriters/Rappers - It's Time To Fly

As an eagle - It's time to fly...

Have you ever wondered why you only see things from one angle, one perspective, one view and more importently, ONE AIM?.

This is because our focus is level headed, one level, which in turn is low level. We're unable to focus or see high enough in order to progress and move forward.

We become stagment, paralised and unable to move from the point we're at. We may know where we want to be or even where we'd like to get. But because of this low level vision, we're unable to see past the obstacles and plan a route or plan of action around them.

WE NEED VISION. That's right, vision. We need to foucs on our goals from a higher level, just like an eagle focuses on its prey. We too need to be way up high above the mountains and obstacles we face in order to find a clear path to our success and the birth of our dreams.

We need to be in a position where we can seek out opportunities, pause and get ourselves into position, be ready and then strike at that precise moment.

How many out there effortly and continue to roam around sites where you see the same people, the same avenues, the same artists, but the real prey, that prey of success and fans remain aloof? How many of us entertain each other, so to speak? How many of us hunger for that dream, that reality, that thirst for exposure, success and acknowledgement? Yet we patrol and walk blindly along the same paths, hoping that the prey will discover us?

Prey doesn't discover anyone or anything Prey is a master of disguise, camouflage and evasion. This is why success can be so hard to find and to hold onto. For success has been highly trained by PREY.

We need to be the eyes in the sky, the ears of the night and the feel of the torrain. Only then will we be able to plan our route, to see the obstacles we face. You've heard the saying "strike while the iron is hot", well where's the point in strinking if the irons already run cold or you haven't even heated it up yet.

Music is your talent, talent is your aim, but success is your prey. You need to use your music and talent in such a way that you not only seek out your prey, but you wait for that precise moment, then you strike and claim your prey.

In order to do this, you need to fly like an eagle, adapt like an eagle, think like an eagle, have vision like an eagle, be as strategic like an eagle. Beacuse a solitary eagle can do all this and still succeed.

Want to be a successful artist, songwriter or musician???? Then follow the way of an eagle......