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Hello friends and fans, it's Paulzilla of The What Knotts. I just want you all to know that if you are following us right now keep an eye on the music players because we are known to put up raw new material that is the middle of production. It's a bit unorthodox but it is helpfull for the players to be able to hear the cuts at home if they have to reccord a part for it the next day. I think that it is kind of cool to post this material because if anyone is paying close attention they can catch a glimpse of the actuall process at work building up to our master tracks. They are never up for more than a day or two so most people will never see much of it but it is known to happen. We are moving fast and doing new reccordings all the time. There is more songs in the oven than our kitchen has room for so the social networks are a great media to help us all stay connected and exchanging ideas even when we can't all be in the same place at the same time. There is a whole new set of tunes on the way and we will be posting a peek after we return from our cali trip this weekend. TWK will make sure to keep it interesting and I will drop in every now and then with updates and news. Much love! Paulzilla(twk)


Let us breathe in the things in life that are positive. Let us not dwell on the ugliness in the world and appreciate it's beauty. Let us count or blessings rather than letting the weight of the world that rests on our shoulders keep us from chasing our dreams. We must stick together in times of struggle and respect our fellow man. Spread a message of love and respect to the ones you care about so they don't forget that you care. Life is too short for the hang-ups. Here is a list of things I can be happy about. Please read it and then post a comment of your own blessings and good tidings. My girl Candice, mom and dad (Diana and Bryan), my dogs (Nomie and Lady), my whole family, My good friends, the house I rent, the bands I'm in (The What Knotts and Missing Blind), the bills I was somehow able to pay, the instruments I am blessed to own, my ability to write and play music, my strength to keep and open mind, learn and stay positive, the music that inspires me, the things I have learned, the people who forgive me when I blunder, the people who accept me for who I am, the things that make me laugh, and my sense of humor. I could do this all day but I'll stop there. I feel a little bit better now. I hope this message reaches someone who needs it right now. Life can be hard and I want you to remember that you are not alone. I am a musician and a writer and it is my responsability to myself and the world around me that I express how I feel so that others may relate or be inspired. Put your ideas to work and if you have any art inside you then you must let it be shown. Paulzilla(TWK)

The What Knotts

The What Knots is a Band of Friends that Love to Hang out and Jam, They are 6 Guys all about Living the Life. They are all about writing good fun music that you can chill too. Good Music and Family and Friends is what Life is all about. Life seems to be all about Greed, Impatience, and this idea that we need to be better than the next Person, hum. Some where down the line we lost our ability to care and help thy Neighbour. we all need to just chill. So love your Ohana, Family, ,Friends and the Kids This world would be alot better place to live and enjoy. No Worrys Brada. (The What knotts) enjoy writing and playing this music for your friends and family and the whole world to hear. Aloha From the Desert