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4th Dimension

I have no doubt that this place, this environment we are in is a giant fractal; a self repeating mechanism that can produce nested realities and sub environments. It's this very fractal that separates similar functions of reality. It's volume is time. If you were to look at the volume of this unified set, a completion of 1 fractal, you would see 'it' as a whole, but our reality inside of it, like organs and nerve endings.

New Music!!

okay I thought this project was done, and maybe it is; however new life has gone into my music, and things are-ah-shifting. I've acquired the talent of two new musicians who wants to start playing shows with music they have made. Subsequently I also showed them mine, and they want me to play lead for something. The idea of having Waking The Dream being played by these guys might be a reality - with that said, it might be possible to see an actual Waking The Dream show sometime in the future. I also want to thank the 300 fans that I have accumulated in this time I've been on Reverb Nation, you guys mean a lot to what I'm trying to do.


So there is going to be a huge shift in my music, as you could no doubt tell from the psychedelic rants about genetic memory and 4th dimensional bodies carved by consciousness. Along side these thoughts, and direction is the introduction of a new member to this project that will help me take this to the next level. His name is Joel Bisson. His electronic background, and ability to produce intense effects is something that this project demands, and he is more than capable of following through with. Be sure to be on a watch for our song we are producing called Xenoworld, which will make use of a Theramin, heavy keyboard effects, and will resemble something from a Pink Floyd album.

A little about the music

I just want to give people an idea of whats going into the music that they are listening to. This will give our audience understanding of what went into each song, whats happening to the current songs, and a little about their meanings in the view of their creator.

I pretty much learned theory and technique for the first 2 years of playing guitar and never bothered to make a whole song. When I did, the only recording equipment I had was just a poor mic, and also a crummy amp. Pieces that you see here, 'When the moon falls from the sky', 'Sweet child of mine cover', 'Terra theme' and 'Crushing atlas' were all recorded that way.

'When the moon falls from the sky' was made based off of mixed feelings and emotions as confusing as when I had a dream of a moon falling from the sky. These emotions of mine came from a girl who crushed me at the time; our first conversation was about my wacky dream, and thats how we met.

Terra theme, if none of you are Final Fantasy players, is the opening theme to Final Fantasy 3/6. It has always been a very powerful piece. However when I started listening to Antonio Vivaldi, Beethoven, and Mozart, I heard so many samples of their music in that video game.

'Crushing Atlas' has always been about the seemingly weight of the world on my shoulders, and the lack of my strength. Crushing Atlas was also a first and only take guitar session. Everything you heard was on the fly, and smashed together. However, its one of my (in my opinion) better pieces, and will most likely be excavated, torn apart and polished up. Lyrics will no doubt for to this song at some point.

....more to come

New member

Just want to introduce Caleb Boese who has been passing around a guitar pro file with me. Before long we had a song which is the newest one I've uploaded called 'That Which Creeps'. There might be more coming from him which is very exciting.

Some changes

I'm starting to begin a hefty collection of riffs ranging from acoustic, to even techno sounding with my effects pedal. I don't want to scrap any of the sounds, so instead of wanting to fit into a genre, and try to be something, I'm going to be my own person, and let my music be its self... the genre will follow.

This means that anyone who doesn't agree with my shit from here on out... I honestly don't care what you have to think about it. If you like it, thats cool, I can dig it. Of course... if you don't, I won't care either. I started playing to guitar to please only one person, and that was myself. If you don't like it, and you feel there is room for improvement, thats cool, I mean, failure is a big part to success. How would you ever learn? I mean, thomas edison fucked up with making the lightbulb a thousand times, but he didn't just failed. He learned a thousand different ways not to make a light bulb. look at how many inventions the guy had.

I know my weaknesses, my voice, the recording quality, my instruments and equipment, technique, my inability to keep in time, and tightness. But in my humble opinion, its better than not recording the things ive made. This is a chronological progression of talent. Like seeing MC Escher's doodles when he was a child, to the master peices you see in art galleries and text books. In no way am I trying to compare myself to mc Escher, or trying to say i'll be big with my work, but im also not going to submit to something such as being hidden in the deepest cavities of society and music.