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Taking time to refine my craft...Lots of jazz improv and theory classes and guitar lessons...playing some shows next week to show off my newly learned ideas!!

Winter Season

Gearing up for the winter season and looking for new places to play/snowboard;) My new CD is DONE and I'm ready to rock out. If you know of anywhere that you go, and would like to boogie down to my music, LET ME KNOW!


Been working on new songs for my CD...I'm still not done, but getting closer! It's hard to be a producer, musician, editor, and designer...whew! I'm going to try and have it done by the time I play at Summerfest on June 13th!!

New songs

I've reached 100 plays on my new song 'While I'm Gone'! Thanks everyone for checking out my new material. I'm REALLY close to having my new CD out. In the meantime, you can hear my new songs at my shows. Come out tonight to Brigham City. I'm opening for the Rich Bischoff Trio at the Brigham City Fine Arts Center. It's a great room and an excellent reason to get out of the valley for the evening. See you at the shows!

full time

I have become brave enough to quit my day job and make a go at being a full time musician. I'm doing tons of research on good places to play in the intermountain region... If anyone has any suggestions on venues please feel free to message me! I hope y'all like my new songs:).... CD release parties soon!

New PA!!

Thanks to my great friends at KSM in Logan, I am the proud owner of a new Yamaha PA! Can't wait to rock out on my new equipment:)


Looking to play more places out in Ogden. If you have any suggestions please let me know!

Private Partaaays

I played a private party on St. Paddy's Day and had soo much fun doing it. The platform for getting my music out there sometimes comes about in mysterious ways, but I LIKE it. If you need some music for your affair, I'm your GAL:)


I've got lots of shows coming up and I'm working on booking some stuff out of the valley. If you guys have any suggestions, I would love to hear them. Ta Ta for now!


Salt Lake was amazing! I'm so glad to of had the opportunity to play there. Can't wait to come back.