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Tear It Up - New Track!!

Okay kids, so I slacked off for a few days. But a new tune, "Tear It Up!" This track is from the forthcoming full-length CD, entitled "Cafe Flesh." Look it up, Wikifolks.

ITunes Trending Report

Just received my I-Tunes Trending Report and wish to thank everyone who has bought tracks over the last few months. I'm humbled and recharged to do even better next time :)

Noise Level Tracks on Recent Compilations

I'm pleased to announce that Noise Level has couple of tracks available on two recent compilations. The most recent is "Hands Together Volume 1". Check out a review at the link below


You can also downloaded the CD for free at Band Camp.


Finally, a reminder that I also have a slightly remixed version of "Shiva is sleeping" on "RW035: Sounds for the subconscious". It can also be downloaded free below.


Conceptual Continuity as Local Album of the Year

Just found out that "Conceptual Continuity" is in the running for CHRW Radio Western's Local Album of the Year! Sweet! Check it out!


Set List for Black Shire Show

Here's a quick set list for tonight's show at the Black Shire Pub:

Breathless Pressure Dub Spylab Unblessed (brand new!) Secret Heart The Sound Garden Shiva is sleeping The Remainder (new live version) Oceans (also brand new!)

See ya there.


News From the Front

A couple of shows coming in the next few weeks in the London area. It'll be the first time I play the same show twice in a row but at least a brand new music which I haven't yet played live.

I'm about halfway through working on the new CD "This Island Earth," which will feature Noise Level versions of what we wrongly call world music: dub reggae, glitchy gamelan instrumentals, bhangra-styled vocal tracks, well, you get the idea.

Stay tuned.


Set List for The Supermarket

Here's a set list for the Supermarket show in Toronto on September 14th:

Journey within (extended minimal techno version) As Requested Wind From the East Secret Heart (2010 vocal version) Dreamflow The Sound Garden (2010 vocal version) Buddha is sleeping (2010 vocal version) The Remainder (extended minimal techno version)

News from the Front


What an awesome week. We played three nights in a row in the London, Ontario region; never the same show twice.

Thursday at Brennen's we showcased new live tracks; hi to Derek and Justin especially.

Friday at Marigold Studios on a double-bill with The Constructions, a new local band that would definitely appeal to fans of Arcade Fire. Songs with a strong emotional core, supported by keys and violin. Very, very nice work. Hi to Brian and the gang. Thanks again to Marigold Studios, especially Adam Gilkes, for having us there.

Saturday at the East Village Coffeehouse we played a couple of mellow sets of new and old material, ending with a brand new tribal-techno version of "The Remainder." I'll likely post this new version very shortly. And a very special hello to Rick and Dale, who came down to see us perform. Always appreciated.

In all, an amazing week. Looking forward to The Supermarket in the Kensington Market area of Toronto on September 14th, 2010.

I'm stoked!

Chart Action on CHRW

Many thanx to the fine, fine (did I say FINE?) DJs and listeners who have put not one but TWO Noise Level CD releases back on the charts. Conceptual Continuity is ranked No. 9 on the CHRW Radio Western Top Thirty Charts (and No. 2 on the Electronic Charts), while The Liquid Sky: Remixed has re-appeared in the No. 8 spot on the Electronics Charts. Huge thanx again, and I promise to make the next release even better. Peace. PS. Please feel free to check out a couple of new videos I've recently posted. One is a collection of short clips from an improv show at Brennen's on July 29th (sorry about the sound - it's a bit harsh). The other is an artsy and meditative video for "Little Giant."

A New Song for the Coming Monsoon Season

Hi. This is my first blog on Reverb Nation; usually I use the blog feature on MySpace. Why? Because I've made new musical friends from around the whole right here at ReverbNation. many of whom I may never meet in person but certainly enjoy their music. So, this new track is called "The Sound Garden (2010 remix). It's, well, minimal techno meets Banghra beats. It originally appeared on my second CD, Taking the World Apart (2009). This new version is dedicated to Keith Nash, a fellow reggae fan and musician who I met here on ReverbNation but is living in Manchester, England. So Keith, this one's for you. I hope it brings a smile to your face. Please don't pack in yet. As my English wife Tracey, who's from Chelsae, keep a stiff upper lip. Peace. Ed