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Annihilation Lyrics

Chaos In Mind - Annihilation - Sands of time slip away. Drawing closer to judgment day. Strong and weak will meet their end. All sacrificed to begin again. We have all sealed our own fate. ... Now face the end we helped create. In a world controlled by fear. Slaves to the one who hold the power. Annihilation of the human race. Blind to the fact we created or fate. disintegration of civilization. Can’t see the end right before our eyes. Soon the cleansing will begin. Wipe out the mass start over again. Can’t escape this impending doom. The walls we built will become our tomb. It’s almost over the stones are all in place. No one will save us after our fall from grace. Only after we’ve slaughtered each other. Will the ever be world peace. You can’t see it but soon you’ll reap it. It all adds up but we don’t give a fuck. Will we ever open our eyes. Or march blindly to our demise. It’s far too late to try to resist. The human race will cease to exist.

Conflicted Lyrics

Chaos In Mind - Conflicted - Irrelevant justification. My means of deception. Will the lies remain concealed? Only time will answer the question. ... Justice is denied. Where justice is deserved. Another victim of society. Consider time served. Am I to admit I’ve become what I despised? Or take it to the grave concealed in this disguise. No one can be trusted. I can’t tell whose side their on. Too late to turn back. Where the hell did I go wrong? Conflicting thoughts controlling me. My own past is haunting me. I am the one I can’t deceive. No matter what I’m forced to believe. Senseless thoughts consume my mind. Indoctrinated and paralyzed. A body with no soul an empty suit. No mind of my own, just do what I’m told to. Manipulating my own reality. My mind is my own worst enemy.

Chaos In Mind reborn!

We have a brand new line up, Tyler Gottlob on drums, Matt Chaco on Bass, and Sean Ferguson, a returning member, on 2nd guitar! We have shows lined up, new songs, stickers on the way, and plans to record very soon! Finally!!!!!!!!!

New vocalist!

We have found a vocalist! Jason Mcleod from the bands Volatile and Eyes of Deception is now on vocals. We are still looking for a bassist and 2nd guitarist that can play leads. If anyone is interested, please email us at chaosinmind13@yahoo.com. We are excited to finally get this band rolling! And we will be ready to play shows as a 3 piece soon!