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Tune in Every Thursday on getyourzworld.com with your Host E-DUBB and MellowDramatic Promoting MECCA MUZIC..A show for Hip-Hop culture speaking on every element of HipHop.Good talk Good Music from all over..Special Guest every Week..and Special Guest callers....A new show dedicated to Hip Hop for Hip Hop.....MECCA MUZIC..COME SEE WHATS ITS ABOUT....GET YOURZ WORLD ON GET YOURZ RADIO..GETTING DOWN TO THE NITTY GRITTY...

Laura Mercrio Ebohon http://iamluramercurio.com

My good friend E-Dubb(http://getyourzworld.com) put me on to Laura Mercurio Ebohon. Every one please take a moment to check her out..Real good positive person with some beautiful things to say. SALUTE TO laura Mercurio Ebohon..We need more people in the world like you. Words in verses & verses in motion Copyright © 2009.Some of us may not even think about such a thing as this but the REALITY OF HUMAN TRAFFICKING IS REAL... LETS PAY ATTENTION PEOPLE AND DO SOMETHING...Be sure to check her out...Much Love to all... (http://iamlauramercurio.com/Laura Mercurio Ebohon iamlauramercurio.com) Please Help raising awareness for one of the most important and painful causes… Human trafficking… Fighting indifference … Knowledge is power!

LauraLME  (almost 8 years ago)

Thank you so much, #Gratitude & #Respect check out Zen Army www.zenarmy.org/ JOIN the Army of Peaceful Warriors...

LauraLME  (almost 8 years ago)

Thank you so much!!! #Gratitude & Respect check out the Zen Army of Peaceful warriors and Volunteers spread all over the world www.zenarmy.org/

LauraLME  (almost 8 years ago)

Thank You so much≈ ∞Gratitude & #Respect ≈
check out Zen Army www.zenarmy.org/ the army of peaceful warriors and volunteers spread all over the world & Join if you can...


Peace and Blessings...SALUTE TO ALL FAMILY AND FRIENDS.... I want to present to you a site that gives you connections and Networks to cultures all over the world with HIP-HOP. The site is http://www.getyourzworld.com A good friend and music comrade of mine, Mr.EDUBB.SALUTE THIS BROTHER has been working hard on putting together this site to UNITE us all through hip hop.This site is filled with updated blogs about any and everything..and not just music.Chat with family and friends share music and whatever it is that you want to share. Get introduced to some good people and up and coming artist that have some really good music.There will also be post and blogs for community's all over and tributes to our youth that are trying to do positive things.....lets support each other...come join us at http://www.getyourzworld.com This is a fresh,fun,informative site that relates and link us through our CULTURE....HIP-HOP......SALUTE EDUBB...WE NEEDED THIS....


PEACE TO ALL..Hope you all have enjoyed your weekend and still enjoyiNG.SALUTE TO NEW I.M.A.G.E BAND and Mr Matthews for showing me love this weekend with the shows. .Even though things don't go ass planned sometimes but we worked together to spread GOOD MUSIC TO THE WORLD...STRENGTH IN NUMBERS..GET WITH IT SOUTH CAROLINA...I DO THIS BECAUSE I LOVE HER HIP-HOP.."I LOVE YOU MORE"..http://short.to/2et2r

VS - Presents "The lightning Campaign feat MellowDramatiC

Peace SALUTE TO ALL...Major SALUTE TO MY COMRAD VS @www.VRSUS.COM..Who as been holding it down..A good friend of the fam N.O.V.U productions..and SOUND BOMB SQADRON..who is VS..VS is his name. He is a musician/artist/bboy and hard worker...AND HE MAKES GREAT MUSIC....check for "The Lightning Campaign..dropping on Itunes http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/v-s-presents-the-lightning/id367980587..MAY 25 2010.. SOME REAL GOOD MUSIC ON ONE CD..LOL..VS has been a major blessing to the MOVEMENT by featuring one of my tracks "Which Way to Go" from my debut CLASSIC FIVE MIC ALBUM..CLOSED CAPTIONED STATE OF MIND..cc FOR THE HEARING IMPAIRED...Many many more dope emcees are featured on this classic cd...Please take a moment and check for both these cds on Itunes...http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/v-s-presents-the-lightning/id367980587 ..this is a must have..SALUTE VS..MUCH LOVE AND RESPECT.....Thank you all for supporting good music..Much Love.

djlenstorm.blogspot.com Featuring MellowDramatiC

MAYJOR SHOUT OUT SALUTE..TO DJ Lenstorm of the E-ZEERADIO.com family.This brother is good people and dope DJ and producer.Check him out on HTTP://WWW.E-ZEERADIO.com..CHECK OUT HIS NEW BLOG FEATURING MellowDramatiC of the SOUND BOMB SQUADRON on HTTP://WWW.djlenstorm.blogspot.com YOUR OFFICIAL HIP-HOP BLOG SPOT.......To all thank you for the support.RESPECT

To All Family and Friends

Peace and blessings to all family and friends...Just want to say thank you all for supporting the Movement..We have been working real hard and I personally want to thank you all sincerly..Take a moment to get familar with us here on ReverbNation, twitter , facebook, myspace, youtube,CDBABY WHERE YOU CAN PICK UP YOUR COPY OF THE 5 MIC CLASSIC ALBUM "CLOSED CAPTIONED STATE OF MIND..CC FOR THE HEARING IMPAIRED"... and many other sites coming soon...To all my twitter fam and friends ..Much love and respect...shouts out to Dj.Sav*One ,N.O.V.U productions......man everybody that has been helping with the movemnt...PLEASE STAY TUNED....