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Why not?

You say, why! He say, why! She say, why! They say, why! We say the, Why the F-k not! It's Mic Mitchel Baby! I hear from friends, family, the magazines and media, and from haters. But the people who hear our music say, "Why are ya'll bull sh-tting!" The constant negative thoughts toward our goal, not our music, can be frustrating. People feel you should stay in your lane, forever. When are you supposed to stop dream, wanting, and winning? Who puts a clock on determination? I'm sorry Mic Mitchel is not built that way. So, unbutton your shirt nerd. Mic Mitchel about to make it happen!

Mic Mitchel
Mic Mitchel  (over 6 years ago)

Say word! People want to look at you stupid when you "still" have ambition. Like you are telling them you are on heron or something! We got the music in our souls and you hear it when you listen to us. Why would we not pursue this to its full extent? F-ck that! Mic Mitchel Baby!