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Coming Soon!!

New Velvet Jane logo black t-shirts coming soon ! We ordered medium, large, and XL. You can pre-order :-)

New Rosie T-Shirt Coming Soon!!!

Rosie White or Yellow(Digital) t-shirts: XL: $20

Wilmington Whiskey Black (Silk screening) t-shirts: Large: $11 XL: $12 2XL: $14

Rosie/VJ Logo/Wilmington Whiskey stickers: $1

Remember, if you buy a sticker this will give you a chance to win a gift card. If you don't play, you can't win! Good luck!!

~Velvet Jane

VJ Contest

Get a chance to win a free gift certificate! This is how you can win:

Come to our shows and buy at raffle ticket or a Rosie stickers for just a buck. Between sets we will call out a lucky winner or two!

There will be many places & prizes to win!!

So, rock on and stay cool doing it!


Velvet Jane

Twitter, Mailing List, Bumper Stickers, and Demo

Today we joined twitter.com. Come and follow us! We are under: VelvetJaneRocks. http://twitter.com/VelvetJaneRocks

Come and join our mailing list and we will keep you up to date on where we will be performing and etc...

We are still waiting on our bumper stickers to get here. They are only $1. We are trying to raise money for new equipment and T-shirts.

We are still working on our demo. We have to put in the vocal tracks and then, we will be finish.