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Canadian Music Week!

I'm proud to announce I'll be performing at this years Canadian Music Week in Toronto! CMW is May 6-10, 2014. Show details coming soon!


New Single Photo Shoot

Hey everyone!

In preparation for my upcoming single, I'll be doing a photo-shoot in downtown Windsor. The concept will be about me being surrounded by people who aren't in the greatest situations (homeless man, girl in distress, etc). I'm hoping for a cloudy and non-rainy day so crossing my fingers! I'll keep you all posted.


What Would You Do?

Having released my debut album I had great opportunities working with the Canadian Cancer Society and other similar organizations to help share my music.

I'm currently coming out with my next single called "What Would You Do?". It's set to be released June 13th 2013 as a digital download. I'm having the release show at the Capitol Theatre in Windsor, ON performing it with some members of the Windsor Symphony. The single release show is also a charity event to help raise awareness for domestic violence.

I wrote "What Would You Do"? a few years ago while watching a TV show called "What Would You Do?". It's a reality show where they act out situations but to the normal person it all seems real. Many people walk by every day ignoring what's happening around them such as, a couple fighting and the man pushes the woman or seeing a stranded little girl on the street not knowing where her parents are. Many people do not think it's their business so they continue on walking. But what would you do? This inspired me to write the new song and I can't wait to show everyone in June!

- Mike.