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Finishing up the 2nd record

This second album has been a long time coming. Our first album came out in 2003, but was actually recorded in 2001. Lots has changed since then. A new bass player in Tim Martin (our original bass player Ronnie Mason died unexpectedly soon after finishing recording the first album. And the great Duke Kirschenmann played with us after Ronnie passed away. Russ had a trying year in 2007, starting with two strokes and ending with heart and brain surgery. I guess not much has changed with me, just trying to be a better musician, attempting to learn how to play pedal steel and then giving it up. I realized I'm a guitar player, and that's all. Some people are born to be multi-instrumentalists, just not me! Anyway, enough chatter. We're all really excited about this new album. 13 new original tracks, a few of which Russ wrote several years ago and never recorded. Some that Russ and his brother Steve wrote together. Hell, I even wrote a song for this album. And Dad came up with the chord changes for an instrumental, and I wrote the riffs. The songs cover all the musical ground we love; country, rockabilly, soul. Shuffles, waltzes, train time, rockers; we did it all, just as we do when we play live. I'm so thankful to be able to do this for part of my living. Making music is a beautiful thing, and to play with my dad is the honor of a lifetime. He's the real deal, been playing professionally for 40 years. And Tim and Kenny are like the mega talented, crazy ass uncles I never had. So life is good in our world. I'll keep posting here, random things, gig reports, and let ya'll know when and where you can get the new album! Thanks everybody for supporting live, local music!