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Just getting started ~ iNTHiSHOUSE

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Have just uploaded iNTHiSHOUSE, my first full subduction current release. These pieces were recorded in Toronto, commencing in 2005 with Things Amongst Pebbles, featuring the lovely work of Phil Ogison on synths and guitar. Phil is also featured on Faces in Your Dreams, Walking Home and Ashoka Wheel. He was also invaluable in terms of engineering and is a marvelous inspiration to me! Thanks so much Phil!

This project was released on PiNG THiNGS last year and has been downloaded 1350 times to date! It has been reviewed most gorgeously, by Colin Lynch; see press! Thank you Mr. Lynch!

Uploading iNTHiSHOUSE to ReverbNation celebrates the formation of eyebodysound ~ my new label!

catherine tammaro toronto 2010